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Went and patched the fuel lines with fuel injection host and it sealed but then sprung a leak further down.

Such is life. I have added steel fuel line to my E-Bay watch list. Fortunately I now have my own tubing flare kit so I can take advantage of the fact that this stuff comes in rolls and I can just either re-use the existing nuts or buy new replacement ones. That means I pretty much can now replace all the steel lines on the truck for anywhere from $50 (1 roll of 1/4 and 1 roll of 5/16) to $100 (previous rolls x2) total.

Want to get her all done before winter.
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Well, that sucks rocks.

We're currently contemplating what to do with the BHV, which has both transmission problems and a badly-leaking windshield. We only need it once or twice a year, but when we need it there's no good alternative -- it holds twice as much as my minivan, which is our usual con-going vehicle.

I believe the current plan is to buy a replacement reman transmission, and put a fix on the windshield frame that will hold for maybe a year or two, and see if by then we can come up with enough money to buy a replacement. But for the event next weekend Russ is going to have to run up to Dallas to borrow a large van from Scott -- there's no way we can get ours in running shape by then.


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