It's a small steampunk film that will be produced and has met all of it's stretch goals and added more.

I love animation. All sorts. About the only thing that can ruin animation for me is really really bad voice acting.

In the animation industry 2D hand-drawn animation is seen as something of a dying art and in some ways it is. To me though it seems to have a human element that is lacking in 3D animation these days.

So I spent what I could afford to support them. It wasn't much but it will get me an advance copy of the film and perhaps buy some coffee for the animators. ;-)
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( Jul. 10th, 2011 04:29 pm)
16:37 PM 07/10/2011

Currently Luffy The WeatherQube is reading 104 degrees. (

Unfortunately for me that's with a fair amount of humidity. I wonder if there's a market for a rubber "gutter" to catch all the sweat us fat people generate in this kind of weather and recycle it. I could call it "The Gut Gutter" and sell millions. *ahem*
Here comes the sun... )
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( Jul. 7th, 2011 11:13 am)
I managed to fire up the enameling kiln yesterday and it works a treat. Still really should have a pyrometer for it but for now I can do things by surface texture and color. (I'd prefer to learn the glass without the extra technology that way I'm not dependent on it.) Anyway here's what a simple test came out looking like:


Not too shabby color-wise but obviously oxidized the copper. And the red enamel either didn't heat/cool properly or there was too much of it. No biggie as this was just a test. :-)

Now I need to get some copper PMC3 to see how well that works. Not this week though as we're still in the transitional period between me coming off unemployment and doing the temp jobs.

I've decided I'm not too proud to accept donations so if anybody wants to buy me some art stuff feel free to PayPal money to my greymane AT address. Replace AT with the @ symbol obviously. (More on the pride thing in a later post.)
10:44 AM 06/02/2011

So I'm back from the holuday and things seem to be moving along. Not nicely, not fast, but they are moving.

Mashlock I left a message on your phone. Today would be okay to meet but tomorrow would have to be either early or late as my daughter has a party at school that I have to attend from 12 to 1.

Finally managed to get my classic iPod to play videos sequentially but only if shuffle is turned completely off. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? WTF Steve?

Felt like I had a tommyknocker visit last night. A couple of knocks that sounded very deliberate like knocking on the front door. I didn't open it because I could see nobody was there. I won't go into details but I asked whatever it was to leave and it did. Not sure what that was all about but I'm sure I'll find out later. (Hoping it wasn't "opportunity"...)

The contract jobs should keep coming and I talked to the recruiter today and she's confirmed I'm pre-approved for more of the short jobs at the mone client as well as any other jobs that may come up in the meantime. I'm trusting them to find me work and that feels a bit weird but I'll get over it.

Still despite all this I should be able to persue artistic endeavors and maybe sell some stuff there. I've seen worse things out there than what I have made sell for money so there's an opportunity I'm definitely going to look into not just for the money though.

And...I really need to get back to writing. I'm way behind in where I want to be with that.

I don't like stating it this way but once my unemployment runs out my time will be my own again. Once that happens regardless of what's going on I'm going to try and pick up where I left off with studying for my CCNA among other things. I'm not saying I'm going to eschew money making but the CCNA is something I dropped due to the IDES job search requirements so I fully hope to be able to restart that. Depends entirely on Microtrain and the county though/.

Well I'm off to do the grocery shopping!
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( May. 25th, 2011 07:48 am)
07:50 AM 05/25/2011

In response to my previous posts my mother has suggested a microwave kiln as a possible starting point. Has anybody on my flist used one of these or know anybody who's used one? I can't seem to beat the price and they seem to be able to do ceramics and even some PMC stuff. (1650 degrees max) I'd have to pick up a spare microwave from the thrift store (don't want to mix PMC/clay firing chemicals with food) but those are really really cheap.

I mean a small one of these only costs about $80 so that's really affordable. And if they do silver PMC like they say they do that's even better because it means I can deal with some of the silver designs I have sketched out.

The thing these kilns were created for is fusing glass as well as casting glass. I've got some lovely deep blue glass that would look wonderful as a pendant... ;-)
January 31, 2009 3:28 PM 1/31/09

Okay - last illness info post I promise.

It’s going away anyway despite talking to friends who have recently experienced the same thing and said it could last up to a week.

Unfortunately as well as I’m starting to feel I’m still weak. I went out to the garage to shuffle things around (like I’d planned for this weekend) and could only lift a couple of totes with a fair amount of effort. The way I’ve been describing it is the Kryptonite Bizarro pissed in my breakfast cereal.

Useless blather and red sports cars... )
January 5, 2009 11:24 AM 1/5/09

1) Stay employed until you can find a lower stress form of income that pays enough to live on.

2) Re-do garden according to plan - raised beds, new fence, and automatic watering.

3) Replace transfer case on truck.

4) Schedule time so all factors get enough time.

5) Lose at least 30 pounds.

6) Finish garage and third bedroom organization.

7) Properly ground all outlets. Re-wire circuits as necessary.

8) Re-wire landscape path lights for single solar charged power source with brighter LEDs.

9) Use the XXXX to make XXXX and stain it with XXXX.

10) Make a new front door complete with light sources.

11) Make Tin Man/Dorothy music video before Duckon.

12) Finish staff for Bill.

13) Re-paint bike and purchase/install proper jets for carbs.

14) Insulate garage roof.

15) Purchase/install more web cameras.

16) Re-wire network/wireless cables in the house.

17) Replace toilets.

18) Set up plant starter shelves in garage on rolling wire racks.

19) Get estimate for insulating the walls of the house.

20) Purchase/install solar attic/vent fan.

21) Clean up and insulate water pipes in crawl space.

22) Clean up and insulate ductwork in crawl space.

23) Record at least two filk songs you've written.

24) Learn to draw at least basic human figures.

25) Write a full George story.


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