It's a small steampunk film that will be produced and has met all of it's stretch goals and added more.

I love animation. All sorts. About the only thing that can ruin animation for me is really really bad voice acting.

In the animation industry 2D hand-drawn animation is seen as something of a dying art and in some ways it is. To me though it seems to have a human element that is lacking in 3D animation these days.

So I spent what I could afford to support them. It wasn't much but it will get me an advance copy of the film and perhaps buy some coffee for the animators. ;-)
I get a fair amount of crap for watching kids cartoons but quite honestly people can bite me. They're funny, often have adult references in them, and help me relax. People need to lighten up and just laugh more

There's people out there right now that do a million worse things than a 42 year old male watching cartoon ponies.
Giggle at the ghostly... )


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