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So I've been to the dentist finally in the last couple of days. The above pictures are the x-rays. We'll talk about the one in the upper left in a moment. Let's focus on the rest of them.

Those remaining three represent the tooth I just had a root canal on. (Upper right is the After picture.) It went well but the painkillers aren't doing squat tonight. (I also got to text from the chair while the doc was working on me. Novel experience. :-) He was okay with it too so that's good.)

In a few weeks they'll do a build-up which won't hurt. Then a few weeks after that they'll do a crown. All good. We'll figure out the finances later. At least in 48 hours I'm not supposed to be in pain any more.

Now...on to that remaining pic...

That pic is very interesting. The smaller tooth is my impacted wisdom tooth that I have no pain with but it's resting against the next tooth. The next tooth as you can see by the internal pins has had a root canal already. And it's broken. And it has to come out. This will be an oral surgeon's visit. Expensive. So we're waiting on fixing that.

The next tooth in line is live and has had a crown put on it. Except that now there's decay under that crown. *sigh*

Thankfully we now have dental insurance which will take some of the sting out of all this. I'm thinking that the oral surgeon can take all three teeth out then the doc can put a pin in the jaw and place a three-tooth-bridge in that spot to restore function. Again. Not cheap. But hopefully I'll be able to afford it.

I'm gonna go try and rest now and see if the painkillers ever kick in...
March 24, 2009 11:10 AM 3/24/09

Worked out on the Wii yesterday for 20 minutes and my Wii Fit age went down to 36! Cool! Of course it also said I gained 4 lbs between yesterday and the day before. Not too concerned because that happened the last time I got in shape due to muscle mass and increased blood flow. I can’t wait to see what it says when I get on it today. :-)

The damn thing tired me out last night so I went to bed pretty early so I didn’t get anything but the dishes done.

Things are getting a bit better organized at home. I’m going to move the wireless router and re-wire a couple of things so that the small printer is in the library. That will leave the wire in the third bedroom free for the large printer and be a little better wired.

Now that the plow is off the lawn tractor there’s a little more room in the garage for me to work so I can get more organization into that. I need to have work space for both computers and everything else. I really need to get moving on that because once planting season hits I’ll be too busy.

Worked out the basic solar/thermal design in my head. I’ve got the original sketches done so now all I need to do is acquire the building materials. Not sure where I’m going to mount it for testing but a southern exposure will obviously be best.

The Vicodin isn’t helping with gum pain. I’m taking a generic ibuprofen at work but I don’t want to take too much of that for obvious reasons. The suture is still in my mouth and hasn’t dissolved yet so it feels like there’s something stuck back there when there isn’t anything but the suture. Still got to be careful about eating but I can eat out of the left side of my mouth for now and be okay. Have to flush my mouth with water after eating which turns out isn’t a bad thing to do anyway.

Been taking my full complement of vitamins the last few days without issue. I shouldn’t have a problem continuing that as long as I remember to eat before taking them in the morning.

Still non biting my fingernails (Yay!) and typing has become interesting. I’m filing them okay but it’s still weird having that extra pressure when I hit a key on the keyboard. Never thought fingernails would be an issue...

Back to work for me!
March 19, 2009 11:38 AM 3/19/09

So today is the day I remove some wisdom from my head. Not that I have that much to spare anyway. ;-) That will leave yet another hold in my head for a while until it grows over. ^_^

Regardless the oral surgeon’s office wants 20% paid at time of service so I’m kind of glad we’ve got those funds lying around.

All that aside I’ll be glad to get rid of the regular pain this thing has caused me.

There's a hole in my head dear Lyza dear Lyza... )
March 13, 2009 11:20 AM 3/13/09

So I have an appointment next Thursday to have this horrible pain yanked out of my head. (My tooth not my brain.) That should help me concentrate a bit better. It’s only one wisdom tooth of the four but the other three aren’t causing me any problems.

That made me think of something the other day. If wisdom is contained in all four wisdom teeth that means if you have all of them still it comes out to 100%. Now 100% of _anything_ in this universe is impossible so maybe they cancel each other out in those circumstances. With three teeth that means it’s only 75% wisdom which is easily possible in this universe. ;-)

I think of some weird shit sometimes.

Found the perfect solar fan online for one of my shop ideas but I can’t pick it up right now. Hopefully it’ll still be there in a couple weeks.

Almost done with the original Blue Beetle radio show CDs. The recording quality on them is shit but they were cheap and since the show wasn’t that popular I suppose I’m lucky it survived at all.

No sign of the pendant, my Blue Beetle figure, or the motorcycle gloves yet. Hopefully some of these items will be there when I get home.

Need to check the local Home Despot or Mingnards on the off chance they have an already started tomato plant. I really want to have an actual plant to show my sister-in-law how to make and load up the upside-down 2 liter hanging planter. I need to get a heat gun for that anyway so that should work out fine.

Back to the daily grind...and not the coffee kind...
March 12, 2009 11:07 AM 3/12/09

So I pick up the referral for the oral surgeon today so I can schedule it for next week. And none too soon either as my mouth is definitely not a fun place to be right now.

Spent money today to get myself a video card from CDW for my desktop out in the garage. Some of it I already had allocated and the rest I can make up from other sources so it’s not too bad.

Did I mention that painful teeth are seriously distracting?

Galactus went CHOMP! )
March 9, 2009 9:45 PM 3/9/09

So I’ve got all the different peppers into the starter trays, on top of the pet bed warmer, and under the LED grow light. (I even printed up a sign to sit next to them in the garage saying “Law Enforcement Officers please call $foo for info.” just in case of the random window peeking person who calls because of the light. (“OMG! Pothead!”) *ahem*

5 degrees down-bubble! )


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