...pecked to death by zombie flamingos.

Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. :-(
...or What do you use to fill bankrupt pants!

Many many things going on. Before I get started though please be reminded that Anonymous commenting on the Livejournal account has been turned off so if you want to comment you will have to get an account. They're free just get one and email me the account name.

Let's see....

Went to the in-laws for Easter this weekend. Not my holiday personally (mine comes before Easter) but I did get to relax a little. Slept in a comfy recliner that was underneath a basement window. This allowed me to sleep in a sunbeam. Very cool. All hail the Goddess of the Sun! ;-)

Getting more things cleaned out. We killed another foot-pedal garbage can so we replaced it with a plastic swing-top one that even if we break the pins holding the lid I can quickly and easily repair it. Not metal but I'll live.

Of course that left me with the perpetual problem - how do you throw out a garbage can in the garbage. I'm hoping that the scrap signs I taped to both metal cans will convince the metal scrappers to take them.

I'm hoping to be off the 4th and 5th of April to do spring cleaning. I went through several totes and boxes in the attic of the workshop and found that a great amount of paper can be discarded. While I will keep some of the older computer books many of them will sadly never be useful to me even from an informational standpoint. Thus out they go. That and I printed out a lot of stuff I just plain never really used. So all that can go as well.

Got my old white Core2Duo Macbook loaded with Mint Linux 13 on an SSD and got Focuswriter among other things installed on there. Used it to finish a short story for FimFiction. The battery and power savings on that laptop work well under Linux now so I fully intend to take advantage of that. My only annoyance is I'll need to only write with it in the shade because it has a glossy screen. Since I often write at night, due to many reasons, that is not really an issue. (Kinda wondering what the keyboard on those OLPC units feels like tiny as they are. They have direct sunlight usable screens.)

Found two ACARD SCSI->PATA adapters in the workshop attic. That means I can use regular PATA drives and probably a makeshift CF->IDE adapter to run my Vaxstation 4000-60 with a solid state drive instead of severely aging SCSI drives. That will be awesome. I may look at spending for an actual PATA SSD for that once I'm sure of what needs to happen with that system. (BTW the end goal for that system is an old-style text MUD which I never got to experience when they existed everywhere. I just think this is a cool use of the hardware.)

I don't want to jinx anything *knocks on wood* but I think I stopped the oil leak in Dorothy. I checked all her valve cover bolts and took the coil off and found the bolt under the coil was loose. Tightened that and so far I haven't seen any more oil. Also the transmission is working well since being refilled. Need to replace the front motor mount though but that's not too expensive. We'll just have to wait and see on the oil thing. Watching it like a hawk for a while.

The snow is pretty much gone from the driveway now so the minute it's warmer and not blowing like mad I should be able to do the brakes on the truck and that should get her mobile again. Even if I need to renew the plates on her. The motorcycle just needs a battery and those jets put in the carbs and then she should be up and running.

Thinking about either moving my existing shed or replacing it. Here's the thing - I'm more than considering raised beds so I can work them without bending over. If that's the case I could easily put a prefab shed into the existing garden space, put the raised beds where the old shed currently is, then landscape the rest for enjoyment. In fact if I ever get $1500 or so I'll be ordering one of those cool Hobbit hole sheds in addition to the prefab garden shed. They make those things big enough to put a table in there and sit in them. (Goddess I so want a Bag End of my own!)

It's strange what you think about. I just realised that with enough money my grandmother's old property (10 acres in Wisconsin) would be perfect for a Hobbit hole. Her property is a valley between two hills so to speak. The small stream breaks it up about halfway. What I'd do is put a rustic garage with guest apartment at the top of the end where the driveway is. Then put a large flower/hedge garden to the right of the driveway and headed towards the back. There's even enough space on that property for a classic tall hedge maze if I wanted one.

Then a large stone path with steps leading down and around the back hill to the large vegetable garden and orchard. (Not to be confused with the orchard to the left side of the properly.) The path would continue on over a small ridge then cross a simple stone bridge before heading up the steps to the entrance to the Hobbit hole.

Mind you I'd probably use concrete drainage culverts to create the layout of the hole then cover them with wood inside. Or I could build it Earthship style with tamped tires but I'm not sure how well that would fit with a wood interior and fully covered not just bermed. And I'd have to probably dig out a big chunk of that hill then fill it back in when done. But the design could easily be completed in that space.

All that aside the property belongs to someone else now and frankly that area is starting to urbanise more so I might want to look for something further out.

I really want a place where there are little to no street lights. Some place where I can see all the stars without the light pollution or surrounding cities and towns.

Dreams....my mind gets wrapped in them from time to time but I wouldn't have it any other way.

My mind does do some things though that are very annoying. One of the worst is constant ear-worms. (Aka songs in your head if you've never heard the term before.) Think of it this way - imagine taking a music player and setting it to repeat one track. Now imagine that track is incomplete or gets interrupted easily or repeats the same part of the song like a stuck record. Now carry that music player everywhere you go for 24 - 48 hours. It has no power button so you can't turn it off and it's indestructible and chained to your wrist. After that time change the song to another random tune. Sometimes the same one even because it's True Random not Shuffle.

The last _72_ hours it's been Show me everything you've got by Rocket Summer. Today it's switched to a song called Never Back Down by a guy called Aviators. Never sure what it's going to be next. Sometimes it's easy to become distracted enough to not have the music in the forefront but most times it comes right back.

Thankfully though it _does_ change over time or I'd definitely be mad by now.


Ugh. Now that I thought about it the song has switched back to the Rocket Summer one. *sigh*

I'm going try and get some sleep now and hopefully it'll have shuffled again before I wake.
So it's snowing out and I'm very tired. I have remote work to do tonight and I'll start that in a minute since I fell asleep after shovelling the driveway and walkways and didn't get back up until recently.

In the meantime I've decided that my Amazon Wishlist was far too realistic so I've been perusing a site called thegreenhead.com which is full of all sorts of weird items and adding them to my Amazon Wishlist via their browser button. ( http://amzn.com/w/1QA1VNLYUXBQX )

Some I'm adding because I like them, some I'm adding because I could make them given the opportunity, and some I'm adding just for whimsy sake. Regardless I'm at around page 108 of 277. I think with what's going on outside unless I have to get wood for a fire I'm going to easily reach that page 277.

What the heck will I add after that? Maybe start in on Etsy...
08:40 AM 10/10/2011

No doubt in my mind about it. Despite losing weight and taking vitamins and stuff I have several of the symptoms of sleep apnea which I didn't have before.

Tonight was a dream about racing around a grocery store in one of those contests to fill as much of your checkout as you can before the time ends. I still can feel the lateral pressure on my feet from rounding corners. I was doing pretty good and then I was woke from a sound sleep by my wife who was concerned that the recycling wasn't put out yet. So it was a sharp awakening (which always leaves me tired), an active dream, and insomnia because I didn't get to sleep till about 1:30 am.
No way around it... )
16:36 PM 10/03/2011

So I've been running on about 2 hours of sleep today because I woke up in the middle of the early morning (about 2 am or so) after having a nasty nightmare. (Fell asleep at midnight.)

I was walking through a hospital complex, the ginormous kind with the large glass windows and clear glass catwalks and such, and for whatever reason I decide to take a shortcut through this section off to my left.

Now who in their right mind puts auto-open doors on a section for contageous diseases? I realized to my horror after walking through the doors that it was something of a treatment wing and sanitarium for a contageous disease that slowly drives you insane complete with hallucinations. The primary hallucination being evil clowns.

So I'm wandering through the place and several doctor's shake their heads because now that I'm here I can't leave. I come to a well lighted corridor and there's The 11th Doctor complete with sonic screwdriver and a man restrained in a chair with The Doctor scanning him and then asking the entire room "Now! Has anybody seen any clowns?".

The rest of the dream became one of dark corridors and evil clowns. Complete with flickering light bulbs.

Not sure what happened after that because I didn't stick around. I kind of forced myself to wake up.

I don't know who came up with evil clowns but damn they're scary sometimes...
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( Mar. 27th, 2011 11:32 am)
So this morning I woke up extremely sore but it was actually a good thing.

In the past I mentioned that I kept feeling like things were touching my face while I was trying to get to sleep in our bedroom. Well while we were out replacing our knife sharpener yesterday I ran across something I didn't think of before - sleep masks.

Never thought I'd say this but it worked like a charm. I still got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom but when I got back to bed I went back to sleep. In the morning I was sore because I didn't really move around all night. That means REM sleep.

I don't know what's going on overall but whatever it is the mask seems to help.

And I had some of the oddest dreams.
Plucky Plumage... )
August 11, 2008 1:56 AM

I was the wife of a vampire hunter. Not sure which one. I’m accompanied by a ghost of I think a monk played by the same sarcastic guy who played the butler in The Nanny. (Daniel Davis: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0204425/ )

His mother comes to the house and somehow we end up going to this old stone castle. (His mother is a vampire and everybody knows it myself included.) The entry of the castle has dual curving stairs and the space between them has long ago been converted to a kitchen style area. I think it’s a back entrance to the castle or something.

We’re waiting at the top of the stairs when his mother starts to get nervous like something bad is going to happen or like I’m suddenly smelling like a good meal to her. She starts to go slowly back down the stairs fighting the urge to return the whole way.

She gets part of the way down the stairs and suddenly the kitchen area is filled with a half dozen young female vampires. Because of the way they’re acting I can tell they are inexperienced. For some reason this galvanizes his mother into action to fight them and distract them.

I leap over the railing, somersault in the air, and land on the gas stove. I promptly turn on the gas stove which is fairly modern and it clicks and lights the burners. I then proceed to grab anything on the counter and start it on fire before throwing it at them.

I manage to get them all burning and head for the door. One I hadn’t seen was right behind me and suddenly tripped as I ran out the door - her foot caught on something.

I got the image that the monk ghost had tangled her foot in a cable or rope of some kind and she was stuck while I ran for safety.

(fade out as I woke up)
July 15, 2008 2:00 AM

One of the disadvantages of having a clever mind is that the subconscious has a lot more to work with.

As you’ll notice from the time I’m awake at 2 a.m. Yes, another nightmare.

This time I was in some sort of a cross between a casino and a hotel. The building was one of those old country mill style buildings - you know the kind - that has the white clapboard siding and is almost completely square but at least two levels high. This one though was up on stilts in a summer beach area and the bottom of it was a large and deep flooded basement. The proprietors used the flooded area to store boxes that needed to keep cool so he could save on electricity.

My partner in crime was some sort of errant adventurer - not an Indy type but one of those leather jacket “cool” guys.

So things are going well, we’re partying and suddenly my partner pulls me aside and says “The sharks are coming!” and then promptly heads off to get some weapons leaving me, of course next to the opening of the basement area.

Great. You can guess what happens next - someone jostles me and I fall in. Worse yet this is a party and some drunken sots won’t let me climb back out of the hole.

So this area is underwater but fairly well lit from ambient light of the floor slats above.

Can we all sing “Where are the sharks? Send in the sharks! Don’t bother...they’re here!” I thought you could...

(Note: The sharks didn’t sing - that was me just now. Though I can’t say I would be disappointed in my subconscious if they _did_ sing...)

I spend the next few minutes of time between taking in breaths of air at the floor level avoiding direct contact with them before I notice the stack of empty long cardboard boxes. (Presumably waterproof.)

“Aha! Sharks can’t swim backwards! If I get them in the boxes it’ll at least slow them down!”

As you can probably guess I spent the next half hour playing Trick the Shark into the Box.

Finally the drunken assholes above realized that it wasn’t a game any more and let me out.

This was also about the time my partner showed up with weapons and the sharks started ramming the floorboards in true horror movie fashion. I remember my partner toasting at least one shark before I woke up.

I’m gonna try to go back to sleep now and dream about something mundane thank you... ‘Night!
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( Apr. 30th, 2008 11:13 pm)
April 30, 2008 11:13 PM

So after being drug through the ringer today for several different things in frustration and at my wife’s suggestion I went to bed early without eating anything.

Of course I had problems getting to sleep because she was in the other room singing her “badonky-donk” off. *rolls eyes*

The dream I had was a warped mirror of the last few weeks. (If you’ve been paying attention you know what I mean.)

I spent the entire last few hours while asleep trying to watch TV. (Not in our current living room but a different one.)

Every single time I’d sit down some stupid ninja would attack me. Throw darts, thrown stars, overhead sword slash, etc.

So I finally think it’s quiet and I notice that there’s a piece of pie on a plate on one of the shelves under the entertainment center. Cherry I think.

I pick it up and use the fork on the plate to try and take a bite and the damn thing starts laughing at me and screaming at me “Ninja PIIIIIEEEE!” while the ninja attacks me from behind.

In anger I throw the very annoying pie on the plate at the ninja like a frisbee and that’s when I wake up.

Thankfully there’s no pie in the house or I’d be retaliating and eating pie at 11 p.m.+...
April 8, 2008 4:03 AM

...Reoccurring Nightmare Theater!

I had one of my regularly occurring nightmares that comes around about once every six months or so.

Basically I’m with a group of high tech people and we’re visiting a very futuristic mental institution. This is somewhere in the later future where people have technical body mods, high tech gadgets, and other stuff.

This place is not completed yet but is already housing patients in the lower levels - some really nasty ones.

So anyway the group consists of myself, the one Asian lady who plays a Cylon on Battlestar Galactica (Grace Park), the lady who played the doctor (Weaver?) with a crutch on ER (Laura Innes) though without the crutch this time, somebody Tom Cruise like but not him playing the hero, someone like a heavier set Richard Chevolleau (Auger from Earth Final Conflict), and the actress Linsday Crouse.

Anyway I’m there as a tourist of some sorts, Laura Innes is with me inspecting facilities. Others are off doing other things in the facility and of course something goes terribly wrong. (As usual I think it’s a computer that’s gone batshit.)

The whole thing is so disjointed at this point because I’ve been awake for a couple hours now but a couple of scenes stick in my mind.

This facility is large and not completed at the upper levels yet. (Steel, girders, industrial - you know the setting. The lower lever though is hallways with brushed steel doors.) So for some reason Laura and I are in the lower levers inspecting things and there’s an alarm and Lindsay (in the role of an administrator or doctor or something) say there’s no chance to fix things and promptly tricks me into putting her in a disintegration chamber and at the same time unlocking all the doors on the containment cells.

This of course sends all the inmates running towards Laura and I in the elevator while brandishing all manner of nasty metal evil implements of destruction and of course covered in various amounts of blood. I pick up the only thing in the elevator which is a cordless sawzall and wave it wildly in the elevator opening in the hopes of keeping the insane ones at bay until we can get the doors closed. Insert the usual horror scene here of trying to get the elevator door closed with a bunch of insane people trying to break through. We manage to get the door closed and head upstairs.

Upstairs the one guy (the hero) is trying to get the main large freight elevator fixed. For some reason we can’t get inside the elevator so we have to ride on top of it. (In the background is Grace who is a computer tech who has lost it and is wandering around like a lost inmate herself.)

So we clamber onto the top of the elevator because the only way to get out is to go down to the lower freight entrance and get out that way. While we’re on the elevator the cables start to snap and the elevator tilts. I’m not sure what happens then but I think we lose Grace.

Auger (Richard) activates his implants and basically turns into a large “techno spider” and welds the final cable while “our hero” does something to stabilize the elevator.

And that’s about when I woke up.

I know I’ve missed a lot but this one will be back so I’ll try and catch more of it next time around. I don’t have the one laptop set up for dream journaling yet because the power supply is bad.
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( Sep. 11th, 2005 11:45 pm)
I was a person in some sort of Westworld setting (If you don't know what that is look it up) and sure enough things started to malfunction.

Something flooded the building I was in and a beautiful woman and I became trapped on top of some vehicles that were parked in it. Before the flooding got too bad we managed to raise the ladder of a fire/maintenance truck up to the ceiling. She made it to the top where there was a roof hatch. I wasn't lucky enough.

You guessed it - I was eaten by a robot shark. WTF a robot shark was doing in that building with us I don't know. All I remember last was being eaten by the shark and pushed down the gullet to a flooded chamber where someone else - in scuba gear I think - was already dead. I drowned there. The absolute last thing I remember was the terror in the eyes of the dead man.
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( Sep. 5th, 2005 03:34 am)
        I was in what appeared to be High School again and the Engineering manager from my work was my current teacher in Biosphere 1. It was one of those classes that included Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and nature in general. Mixed bag of people - some of them also my co-workers. I remember one short kid with wild medium-red hair. Almost the height of a dwarf or gnome but fat.

        Anyway we went outside onto a ramp that was in effect a giant concrete boat launch into a large calm river pool. The teacher pointed out to someone in the class that there was a rapidly changing steam/smoke cloud billowing up from the water at the end of the ramp. He said that we were lucky to see such a thing and called it by some large scientific name. My gut called it magma.

        It was at that point that I noticed that the ramp was getting hotter and starting to glow a bit at the bottom and move up. It was odd because what appeared to be rivets in the concrete started to glow first. I tried to warn people but nobody would even listen to me. Finally I stuck my knife in the ground and it came back molten they started listening to me. By that time the hill to the lower right of us had become completely consumed by molten rock.

        Then I remember running and climbing people's roofs to connect a device with a headset that allowed me to make calls to warn them about the disaster and keep tabs on it. I got caught by one old man and his family and had to apologize. That assuaged him and his family and I spent dinner with them.

        Then I was back at the High School with the rest of the class but we'd convinced the Dean to make an announcement concerning the disaster. The walls started shaking and the building started to collapse.

        Suddenly I found myself in a car driving far away. I stopped in a tiny little town where the restaurant was also the local police station. I recall that I had stopped to get something to eat and pick up my mail. I told the waitress that there was a disaster coming this way and that they should get out. I pointed out the large purple funnel cloud a few miles away coming this direction. I told her "You don't even have time to mail the bills." which made perfect sense at the time but makes no sense now. It was then that I ran out to go to my car but it wasn't there. The disaster funnel was really close. It was that time that I "woke up" in the dream and realized that it was a nightmare that I wanted out of. I did the mental effect of bouncing my head into my pillow and kept telling myself "I know I'm dreaming! Wake UP!" I repeated that and eventually I woke up for real in my bed.
I was smoking a pipe dozing on the back deck.

I finished my pipe and cleaned it. Then I sat back and rocked in the metal deck chair.

At some point I closed my eyes and suddenly I was on board a flight to China.

I had my iBook with me and was editing a video when the flight attendant asked me to stop because all the other passengers complained that they could hear me playing the same audio track over and over while editing despite my earbuds.

I told her I'd turn it down but she said that I should stop it before all the other passengers lynch me. I asked her indignantly what else I would do for the rest of the very long flight and suddenly all the passengers, or most of them anyway, threw books at me. Mostly paperbacks.

I stood up and made a short speech about how embarrassed I was to be a human being if this was the way they acted and how I'd never act that way to others. Then I closed my laptop and faced the window.

The next thing I know there are three people in the aisle with submachine guns, UZIs I think, threatening everybody. Before I understood what I was doing I had leapt from my seat and tackled the one nearest me and took his gun away. I shot the other two in the head immediately afterwards.

Then my arm hurt as well as my stomach. I slumped to the floor with the thought "Oh crap! I'm having a heart attack!".

When I woke it was in a hospital room with sunlight shining through the windows and a nurse in the room with me.

She starts to talk but I interrupt her and tell her that I know I'm in a hospital in Perth, Australia. How I know that is a mystery. It's almost like an auto-location on a GPS globe. She's startled but she tells me I'm correct. I start to ask her what year it is but in walks the doctor who prevents her from telling me. He questions me about my memory. The plane is the last thing I remember.

I'm too weak to stand so I'm there for several weeks. At some point my wife shows up, full head of long grey hair, for a tearful reunion of both of us.
It's then that the doctor tells me it's 2007 and I've been in that hospital since the plane.

He tells me that I said something as I was passing out. "This would be a grand death." He wants to know what that means. I joke with him that if I explain that he'll have someone down here for a psych exam immediately. Then I explain that it's a reference from the 1985 comic book The Dark Knight Returns and it's what Batman says while fighting Superman.

Then my wife starts to tell me what has happened in the last year+ and suddenly my head is spinning and everything in my mind is confused.

I find myself rocking at high speed in the deck chair again with my eyes tightly closed and a buzzing in my head. My wife send my daughter out to say goodnight to me and suddenly it's all gone leaving me feeling drained.

I honestly don't know what to make of it. It was more real that one of my regular dreams yet I know I never left the chair.
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( Jul. 23rd, 2005 03:58 am)
Another "save people from zombies" dream.

This time it was England. The remaining crew consisted of about 5 people including myself.
Neither my wife or child where there. However one of the people was actress Elisabeth Sladen
who played Sarah Jane from Dr. Who. (Still looking as young as ever I might add.)
We even had a quiet but slightly bizarre discussion on how all the props she used in
Dr. Who had rotted and crumbled away by that time. I remember distinctly showing her what looked
like a hand crank for something but made of plaster and also a fake stone. Both crumbling.

One of the other people was the actor who played the telepath in Rose Red. Not sure why he was there.

Anyway we all ended up at this old English mansion near an airfield with nothing but small planes
lined up on it. We had to get onto the plane at the end of the line that looked like a cross between
a giant ultralight and one of those rubber-band powered wind-up gliders. It was the only thing that
would carry us all to where the ship was stashed so we we could leave the planet for Mars.

I and another person (I think it was the telepath) stupidly went back to get a book from the mansion for the trip. We were caught
and held by the zombies. I think we managed to break free but that was near when I woke up so I don't know.

I do know that the most bizarre part of the dream was that the zombies were singing what sounded like
a showtune though I don't recall the words or tune now.
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( Jul. 17th, 2005 07:48 am)
I spent last night recovering a part of my super armor.

For whatever reason somebody forced me into retirement as a super-hero and I scattered my suit among junkyards throughout the world.

Someone threatened my family so I needed the armor back.

I spent most of the night running and sneaking through a large but partially vacant college that was backed up to the junkyard. It was almost as if the junkyard was on top of a mesa in the city and the school backed up to the cliff wall because I had to climb up through the school - through abandoned parts of it and eventually came out in an enormous mechanic's bay for the junkyard - something able to maintain things the size of warships. The minute I tried to sneak through there I was chased by a dog-like thing that became something akin to the Rancor from Star Wars only a hell of a lot faster.

I managed to get to the the main "sea of junk" and the part glowed red in response to my presence. I called to it and it flew to my right arm and attached itself. I recovered my shields and flight and flew away.

That's about the time I woke up.
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( Nov. 30th, 2003 05:07 pm)

A couple takes a vacation to another planet.

During the process they get shuffled off as cargo instead of passengers. Or at least somewhat as they still are given food and television.

They are kept in a small box for a long time, it has walls like the outside of those instrument shipping containers you see with amps and stuff, but eventually they learn to like the small box. They make a life there on a planet with nothing but a red sun and desert.

Then one day they are taken from the box and frozen despite their pleas that they will not survive the freezing. She is frozen first and dies. The machines decide not to freeze him and he escapes but not before he watches his wife being dumped into a waste recycler.

He eventually becomes an old man avoiding the machines in the bowels of the factory and leads others that arrive there to safety.


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