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( Aug. 23rd, 2012 05:30 am)
So just a couple of quick things...

A few people in my life are dealing with issues and having trouble making major/minor decisions about their life. To them I say - don't worry too much about it. Regardless of the choice you make you can always change it. Don't over think it either. Waffles are for eating not for being. (How would you live as a waffle anyway? *Hey! I'm batter!...Auugh! I'm born in heat and searing!...Oh I'm cooling now!...Auuugh! Someone is eating me!* What kind of life is that?)

Still sore from the run. The sunburn has pretty much stopped hurting so now we're in the two weeks of waiting for my rib/intercostal/whozawhatzit to heal. Not fun but not horribly debilitating. It is causing me to slow down a little though because I can't bend quickly. And that is preventing me from cleaning. I've got the 30th and the 31st off this month to hopefully rest and clean so I'm hoping things get settled by then body-wise.

Financially we're doing okay. Probably going to end up with a whopping credit card debt but no medical bills. Given the choice I actually prefer that. One bill to pay and I can always hammer large amounts of money to it. Definitely paying over the minimum on it anyway.

Can't say enough good things about where I'm working. Got some really good kudos about my performance at the office that I'm not willing to post here simply because this is a public forum. But honestly it's good stuff.

I realized the other day that I still have all my job search stuff still active as if I were unemployed. Honestly part of me is scared to disable all that. It's nonsensical because I can always re-enable it if something happens but I'm getting that heebie-geebie feeling that if I turn it off and say "I'm working now." that it'll all suddenly be gone.

Huh. Now who's overthinking it. :-)

Ramble at ya later!
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( Dec. 14th, 2011 10:01 pm)
22:02 PM 12/14/2011

Worked 13.75 hours today.

But frankly I'm happy. I'm working again and I'm doing a good job. A lot of the self-doubt has gone away.

Now I just have to keep shining bright in day or night...
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( Dec. 3rd, 2011 04:23 pm)
And very well I might add. I like the job, I like the people, and I like getting paid. (Did I mention the people I work with rock? ^_^)

It leaves me less time to get things done around the house but I wasn't really getting things done anyway.

I managed to order a Mr. Beer ingredients kit for cheap from Target so hopefully I'll be able to get a batch started next week when it arrives using my home-made fermenter made from a pretzel container. Still need a capper and caps. I should be able to make do for everything else but as finances become better I'll definitely be buying proper brewing equipment and cleaning/fixing the one turkey cooker to boil wort in.

And I finally got the One Wire Weather software to build on Luffy my WeatherQube:

It's accurate now and once that machine is on a battery backup it'll be quite reliable. I've got the oww software configured to log to Weather Underground but it hasn't shown as active there yet. Hopefully it'll be good for that by Monday.

Got to make sure I have some other way into my network before then as I had the main webserver die a couple of times on Thursday and Friday and couldn't get in to restart it. My whole shebang needs to be on battery backup units simple because the power here fluctuates on a semi-regular basis. It'll be even worse when I move them outside as the power dips whenever the space heater kicks in out there. I so need to be off the grid.

On the bench right now is an old Powerbook 100 that is having booting/P.O.S.T issues. It's for a good friend and it's a classic so it's a labor of love. Hope I can fix it.

Still not finished with the workshop out there. I suppose I should be doing that rather than posting here but I'm pretty tired. I'll try and get to it tomorrow as I don't really have any other plans than laundry and my wife and daughter will be out at a party for a our twin niece/nephews at my brother-in-law's house.

Also picked up the first repair part for the house so I'll be able to fix that leaky toilet and our water bill will be just that much lower. (It's minorly dripping but that can easily cause big problems.)

And I managed to get fuel system dryer into both vehicles so hopefully I won't have problems when the temp drops below a certain point. Protip: A bottle of isopropyl alcohol in the washer fluid before it freezes will help keep it from freezing up when it gets cold. rocker... ;-)
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( Nov. 28th, 2011 09:09 pm)
21:10 PM 11/28/2011

So I started at my new position today and pretty much spent the entire day reading the training manual and waiting for things to get set up.

I felt like a schlub all day because I wasn't on the phone already. Tomorrow I start shadowing calls and start taking calls myself on Wednesday. So yeah tomorrow I start working for real.

It's strange because I'm feeling those first time jitters like when I first started out in the tech field. All those doubts that I thought were long gone are all right there in my face again.
Yeah...I could do without that... )
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( Nov. 23rd, 2011 01:56 pm)
13:57 PM 11/23/2011

On Monday morning I start with a local tech firm doing support work. It's three months to hire and while the money isn't stellar it's work I can do and will become permanent employment after those three months. It's 70% travel but I can handle that. (Hopefully they'll pay mileage properly.)

And until it becomes a salary position I get paid weekly again which will help us catch up on everything.

10:05 AM 11/07/2011

So..I didn't get the one position. They've put their hiring on hold again.

The thing that frustrates me about this is that I can't even take small jobs in-between the larger ones because it'll screw up my unemployment. I make $197 net per week on unemployment so I can't take anything that produces even close to that amount of money. So even though the one guy offered me a three-day job I can't take it because it'll close my unemployment claim and it'll take TWO WEEKS to reopen that.

So I can't even do short jobs. Thanks unemployment. You're really helping me there.

*sigh* I haven't stopped searching for a job but a lot of things I'm seeing are either out of state or too far for too little money. I can't afford to take a job that I'll lose money working and being $70k upside-down on our house prevents us from moving. But I keep looking and keep responding to the recruiters that send me potential jobs. Just sent off an email a few minutes ago in fact. top it all mother was in the hospital this weekend with the classic heart attack symptoms. She's home now - they did a bunch of tests and found NOTHING - and she's just fine. That said it wasn't a pleasant experience for all concerned. Glad she's back to normal.

Just to pass the hat here - my daughter has her iPad2 but we still need to get the software for it. So if you've got a spare dollar or two to throw our way it would really be appreciated. PayPal to nimitz AT or contact me via email the same way to get the address to send a check to or arrange another method. (Please note I have to know you personally to even consider giving out banking information.)

Still working on getting the workshop all sorted. I'm about a quarter of the way there. Today's news saps a little of my motivation but I need to go out there in a couple hours anyway to see if the video I'm rendering for NICA is going to come out okay. (It's banquet footage for the Northern Illinois Center for Autism which my wife and I are involved with. They shot the footage with no extra lighting so I have to try and fix the gamma problem. Likely it'll come out grainy unfortunately.)

Feeling like I'm not moving again. Which means I need to get up and get moving again. So much to do so little energy lately...
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( Oct. 26th, 2011 03:43 am)
03:43 AM 10/26/2011

So...I'm awake...again...

Part of the reason is that I'm not using up all my energy every day and thus am sleeping less. This should even out once I get a job again.


By 2 pm today the floor in the workshop will be fully cured and I'll be able to start moving stuff onto it. Likely the couch first because that's a big piece that takes up space that I can use to shuffle things around. Hopefully it won't rain today so I can move some things out of the workshop then move them back in. There's a lot of stuff to move and I need to get it right today because I won't have the time tomorrow and I want to start moving stuff out into the workshop from the house to help de-clutter the house. The third bedroom in particular.
Cut to spare the f-list length... )
22:06 PM 10/21/2011

So I managed to get some things done on the technology front around here today. I swapped my old 250GB hard drive in my Macbook into an external USB box, confirmed I could boot the Macbook that way, then installed a 40GB solid state OCZ brand drive internally. (A gift from someone I worked with at my previous temp job.) This allowed me to install Linux Mint 11 and copy most of my data from my old ThinkPad R51 over for use on the Macbook.
Here be dragons...and not the fluffy kind... )
So as of today I'm enrolled in unemployment again. *sigh*

Between watching strange ads with George Takai in them at the Social Security office and filling out forms at the unemployment office it's been an interesting day.

I'm hoping, as many hope, that this is just temporary. I'd love for either the recruiters or a previous client to find me more work.

Regardless I'm on the hunt for a new job. My wife says that if I get a job out of state I can take it. I was approached by a recruiter yesterday about jobs in Wisconsin which is just over the border north of us. Told him that I'm interested but they'd have to make it worth my while due to the drive.

Stuff to think about...
22:13 PM 10/13/2011

So tomorrow my mom stops by for the weekend or so. No big deal there. (Reminder that if she reads this she should bring both her wireless router and the wireless camera so we can make sure it works properly.)

Only thing I have planned tomorrow is I have to go down and do even more maintenance on my father's old Isuzu - basically replace the clutch master cylider (two bolts) and bleed the system. No big deal and that should be the final straw for it.

Got some really good news today. I called unemployment and it turns out that I made enough money at my last contract job to file for another 24 week claim. This will help us out until I find another position. (Of course I also have to go to the Social Security office and file for a replacement card because I need it to file the unemployment claim and haven't seen it physically around here in years. The card that is.) Anyways that gets us out of trouble for the moment.

Still working on getting the workshop shuffled around before winter. Checked on flooring adhesives today and it turns out that I can get the tile put down for about $30 total. Much better than I'd previously thought so hopefully there's enough left over from my wife's next check to do that. I hope I hope. Maybe I can get my dad to spring for it...

The grass has started to take over the tilled space in the garden so I have to work fast this weekend. I need to get the boards cut for the beds so I can staple black plastic over the beds to kill anything in them. I should have enough construction grade bags to do the job I just need to get moving on it. That not being done is just sheer laziness on my part.

More good news - my car passed emissions with flying colors. Now I just need to use my welder to tack down the top part of the clamshell on the catalytic converter so it doesn't rattle any more. Thankfully because Dorothy is a 1998 Neon she's new enough they could do OBD-II diagnostics on her rather than the manual diagnostics. Bummer is I don't get the actual emissions numbers like I do with a manual test. Regardless she passed in the state of IL and because she's older than 2000 in our area she probably won't ever be tested again.

And finally I figured out that it won't cost me a fortune to re-pour the concrete in my basement that the previous owner cut out of the wall.

Now if I can just find the money for all this...
As I've said many times before it's amazing what you find when you clean.

I'm currently typing this on my original PowerBook Pismo that I found in a box while looking for something else.

Now it's slower, has less ram than the other notebooks, and in general is no longer suitable for decent web use (it really won't run Flash among other things) but it has some serious advantages over other notebooks I've used.
The good, the bad, and the fugly... )
Needless to say this Pismo is the laptop that I pretty much started writing on in any electronic format and with any frequency. For writing it may very well do a great job but really I need to come up to speed with something that is at lease Core2Duo in nature so I can work on things other than writing.

Still no word on if this job is going to be permanent or not. I'm hoping that my performance has been good enough that they decide to keep me.

One last note before I hit myself with a hammer to get some sleep... A big thanks to those that have donated to help my daughter get an iPad and software! We're not anywhere near our goal yet but anything helps at this point. to dream of dark alicorns with crescent moons on the flank...
23:51 PM 07/23/2011

Today I spent a fair amount of time customizing the accidentally wiped machine I mentioned yesterday to get all my stuff back. This of course led me to discover several nice surprises.
Several nice surprises and more rambling... )
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( Jun. 29th, 2011 08:37 am)
08:32 AM 06/29/2011

It's weird not being on unemployment any more. I know I was just complaining about being dropped the other day but I suddenly find myself with more options than I thought I had.

I'm going to get a haircut today because I have an interview at 1 this afternoon.

On top of that I was told by the one person in charge of the temp jobs I've been doing that he will have no problem keeping me busy for the next two week until this job I'm interviewing for starts on the 17th or so.

This is all good and such but it leaves me to wonder if this would have happened before this time. Probably not.

Anyway off to get the hairs cut.


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