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( Nov. 6th, 2012 07:22 pm)
So my car is still having trouble starting and wouldn't start after I got home form work.

So I walked to my polling place. It wasn't that far but it was cold and drizzling all the way there and back.

But I voted.

I won't say which side I voted for because it's no one's business but mine.

And now I will go to bed satisfied that I played my part in this country. My vote matters to me even if it doesn't matter to anyone else.

Hope everybody else in the US got to vote today too! :-)
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( Sep. 1st, 2012 11:17 am)
11:18 AM 09/01/2012

I saw my first UAV drone fly over yesterday. It had to have been a government one because of the size. It flew over below the 500 foot level and made a distinctive buzzing sound.

I can't express the mix of emotions I had when I saw it but the biggest one was anger. It was like I was watching the beginning of every scifi movie where the government takes over and implements martial law.

I think I'm going to go have a chocolate donut now...

Mashblock - sorry I missed the one post about the electric motor for my air compressor. I am looking at one on Grizzly for about $160 shipped but haven't pulled the trigger yet. What I'm looking for is a 1500 - 1700 rpm, 110V AC, 1HP or better motor in either clockwise or reversible form. Shaft doesn't matter too much because I'm putting a belt pully on it. I priced rewinding locally - $400 minimum. So much for a renewable society eh?

*heads off to nom a chocolate donut*
March 13, 2009 11:04 AM 3/13/09

Our Freedoms Goodbye - ttto American Pie by Don Mclean


A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How the signals never reached my brain.
And I would often take the chance
To lose my tinfoil hat and dance
And, maybe, just be happy for a while.

But the government made me bitter
With every new emitter.
Signals on my cortex;
I had to take the next step.

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February 11, 2009 10:18 AM 2/11/09

So I see that Congresscritter Fiendstein is trying to put anti net-neutrality stuff into an economic stimulus/spending package.

Those of you that elected the SOB should feel proud that she seems poised to represent the special interests behind closed doors where people can’t see what she’s doing.

Yeah. That’s important. It’s important to protect our corporate interests and put that in A PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEALING WITH THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!


If you can’t do the job we _will_ vote you out. We’re awake now you assholes so watch where you step.

*ahem* )
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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:04 am)
January 23, 2009 11:13 AM 1/23/09

So my wife and I are looking at upgrading our phones and maybe get Crackberrys instead but that’s an awful lot of money to spend right now.

Regardless I may have to get my phone replaced because _suspiciously_ it seems to suddenly reboot when tethered to my Mac. Sprint says it may be a “device issue” and to take it to a service center. *ahem* B-|

So maybe when we visit the phone store tomorrow I’ll have them look at it because I know they have a service center there.

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October 7, 2008 11:13 AM 10/7/08

So I’m listening and watching to as little political stuff as possible. To me the arguments are one-sided and unfortunately for any third-party candidates our current system only really allows two choices for president.

But here’s the thing - it allows a buttload of choices for other representatives. And those representatives are often MORE important than who becomes the president.

I’m all for voting an incumbents out. Period. The problem is that there seems to be no complete list of them! It’s a lot of work to check hundreds of names to find out how long they’ve been in office. And if it’s one thing the American people don’t want it’s more work.

But that’s what it’s all about people. Maintaining a government that has your best interests at heart _IS_ a lot of work. People just two generations before the current one knew this. The fact that we should and _HAVE_ to work this hard for _OUR_ government has been long glossed over by the media and large corporate interests.

“Well the government will do something about that.” - Not unless you do so yourself because you ARE the government.

“I don’t need to protect myself the government will.” - Yes. They’ll protect you by taking away your rights. You’re awfully safe in a small box with the door shut and police on the other side. Until a criminal sneaks in the window that is...

“But the terrorists!” - Who’s more a terrorist? The people who killed thousands or the people torturing millions.

“Well I don’t mind privacy invasions because I have nothing to hide!” - you’re the modern equivalent of Gandhi or Mother Theresa then? Not likely. I’d think about all the things you hide from other people and if you want them all exposed. How many of you have illegal music? How many of you have “medicinal herbs”? How many of you practice a religion which is unpopular? Let us all share the deepest, darkest, horrible secrets of our first.

There is NO excuse for not running your own government - and even less for not even voting.

“But that’s so HAARD!”

Sorry - them’s the breaks.

Hey America! Remember when you used to be young and thin and nothing in the world mattered more than you? Nothing could stop you from anything you wanted to do and you were so proud! What happened?

Well like most people you sat on your butt and let time pass you by. You ceased to care about doing anything but sitting in front of the TV or the computer. The government people all run by corporations said “Don’t worry about it! We’ll take care of everything for you!”

And we believed them - myself included.

So what happened is the same thing that happens to anybody who parks themselves in front of the TV. We got lazy. We got fat. (Myself included.) The government kept whispering in our ears that they’d keep us safe and handle everything.

And the government too grew fat and lazy. And as a result things began to break down. Laws began to break down. Infrastructure began to break down. People began to break down.

And that’s where we are now - broken.

We need to get up off our collective asses and fix our broken country. It’s not going to get fixed by who’s in the government offices because they are only one part of the government - we are the other part.

And we’ve not been involved in the mechanism for quite some time now.

So what’s this come down to? Well it comes down to the fact that you should at least vote. I won’t try and sway your choices - that’s up to you.

But I’ll tell you one thing. There is one thing and only one thing corrupt government people fear.

It’s you.

When you and those around you are organized and informed and active you are the one thing that can stop them from spending more of your money on useless things or taking away your rights or hiding in the halls of power ignoring what you want.

Raise your voices people. Tell them that enough is enough and you will no longer be trapped by their whims.

You’re better than that people and I have a great amount of faith in you.


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