Just mentally leaving myself a note here because I don't have a notebook handy.

I work with four large LCD monitors and a laptop screen at work. So five screens today. And I need every bit of space.

My problem is that I'm using a lot of mouse action to move from screen to screen and that of course causes the usual symptoms.

So why haven't we developed a synchronized touch screen driver yet? I mean touch screen monitors in large sizes are dropping in price every year. Capacitive kits are all the rage but resistive kits would do just as well for most purposes.

Looking at the problem I find that you'd have to have what amounts to a second graphics card. Or at least the equivalent memory space of one. Basically you've have to create a virtual overlay that represents the combined resolution of the multiple monitors. If your system has a decent amount of memory this would be fine but only if you can lock a chunk of that away from the operating system except for a modified mouse driver. In fact if you were able to reserve that memory space you could in fact do multitouch for all those monitors at once. I mean effectively it's just a table programming-wise. (In my limited programming experience that is.) And there are already drivers (for Windows at least) that support multiple mouse inputs at once so you could easily modify that to accept point.

The trick of course (besides writing all of this) is matching all the resolutions exactly and tracking all that in real time. It would probably use up a fair amount of processing power until the software was properly optimized. And Goddess forbid you change resolutions on the fly. It would make RTS gaming much more interesting though. ;-)

I did see a link to ten finger multitouch on Windows 8 but that was only on one monitor.

Anyways just random rambling. A real post probably this weekend as I pack for next weekend and try and swap a bike tire on my motorcycle.
So it's snowing out and I'm very tired. I have remote work to do tonight and I'll start that in a minute since I fell asleep after shovelling the driveway and walkways and didn't get back up until recently.

In the meantime I've decided that my Amazon Wishlist was far too realistic so I've been perusing a site called thegreenhead.com which is full of all sorts of weird items and adding them to my Amazon Wishlist via their browser button. ( http://amzn.com/w/1QA1VNLYUXBQX )

Some I'm adding because I like them, some I'm adding because I could make them given the opportunity, and some I'm adding just for whimsy sake. Regardless I'm at around page 108 of 277. I think with what's going on outside unless I have to get wood for a fire I'm going to easily reach that page 277.

What the heck will I add after that? Maybe start in on Etsy...
14:26 PM 04/19/2011

So after certifying for my unemployment this morning I got a cold call from a headhunter who found my resume on Dice.com and wanted to submit me for a position doing help desk call center work for a particularly popular medical insurance company.

It sounds like a good job, pays more than I was looking for, and is in damn near the same place I was driving for the last decade at my previous job. So I told the headhunter to submit my resume and let me know when they want me to interview. It's not the Linux admin job but I can't afford to ignore anybody willing to potentially hire me.

I haven't gotten back to writing as of yet. That, like many other things, is on hold until I become employed again.

I have to apologize to ellenmillion. I have something in the Torn World submission queue that I haven't finished edits on. What happened was very simple and it wasn't just because I entered my Extended Benefits phase of my unemployment that suddenly takes up all my time.

After much thought on the matter it turns out that the edits (deservedly harsh ones) hit me while I was down. I just couldn't handle them because of what else is going on in my life. I was trying to climb back up out of the bucket labeled depression and they just hit me the wrong way.

And it's not their fault either because the edits for the story in question are very very correct in their reactions about what must be changed. I just couldn't, and for the moment still can't, process them mentally or emotionally. Thus I have to apologize because I'm just not up to snuff at the moment.
Dark chocolate cupcakes and a library in a tree... )
January 10, 2008 2:18 PM

Let’s see...we have...

A 100+ year old farmhouse for $159,900.

A 50 year old frame ranch for $159,900.

A huge (1500+ square-feet) cedar siding covered ranch with basement and garage for $164,900.

Another ranch for $164,900.

A 50 year ranch with deck, storage shed, and 2 car garage for $165,900.

And last but not least a 50 year old brick ranch for $169,000.

Now you’ll notice that all of those are above $150,000. That’s not a mistake on my part. What’s happened is that my wife and I are looking at the higher end of what we can afford because the houses, with the exception of the two that have been bought our from under us, around $150k have had some serious issues.

I’m aware no house is perfect but some of these houses shouldn’t even be on the market at the price they are without some serious cleanup. (Mold Central in the gallery for instance.) And a “unfinished refurb” shouldn’t mean “unlivable shithole that I didn’t bother cleaning up”.

Thus we’ve raised our prices in an effort to get something a little better suited to us. And it’s not like we can’t afford those homes it’s just that the PMI _in addition_ to the mortgage is pain.

So anyway we’re going to see the ones above this weekend and I’ll post more pictures. I’m wondering what’s wrong with the cedar one because the pictures all look good, it’s big, has a full basement, and a 1.5 car garage on top of it. So why is it so low priced?

I wish we had the time to wait on this but our financing has time limits attached to it so we can’t afford to tarry. I just really want the cycle to be finished and done with.

Need to get more sleep. I’m pretty worn out right now. Need to get that back in balance.

Damn. Forgot to grab the empty boxes from work for packing stuff in. :-( Oh well I’ll get them when I’m in on Sunday. (I have to pick up my daughter tomorrow so I can’t take them then.)

I’m way behind on that too. Other than the books and some stuff I’m going to ship to other people I haven’t gotten anything packed really. That’s not good because if we want to move quickly we need to have it already packed.

Watched the movie Stardust last night. It was _excellent_ in my opinion except for the musical transitions. To me they seemed too long and too formal. I know why they were like that , they had to show time passing, but they still felt a little out of place. Other than that I will only say this. I started the movie playing on my Macbook and didn’t get up until it was finished. That’s how good it was. I really liked it. :-)

Now I suppose I’ll have to get the book to see what stuff they left out...
January 9, 2008 12:59 PM

A friend of mine sent me a link to this book and I hope to hell it’s parody:


It’s supposedly a children’s book to introduce having a server in the home.

This thing feels wrong on so many levels. I mean it’s just another computer. And frankly most servers get tucked into out-of-the-way places where nobody can see them.

And beyond that a server is just something that stores electronic data and gives it back to you. Period. At the base level that’s _ALL_ it is.

Your TiVo is a server. It stores video in electronic form and gives it back to you when you want it.

Your computer at its core is a server - no matter what computer you have. It stores your data in electronic format and gives it back to you when you want it.

Anybody have a fancy iPod dock with wireless sharing? You’ve got a server. It “serves” wireless music to the rest of the house.

Run Folding@home as your screensaver? You’ve got a server. It “serves” folding results back to the main Folding network. (That definition is blurring the line a bit but you get the idea.)

About the only good I can see coming of this is that it slightly takes the edge off of growing up a geeky kid with computer equipment in the house. But with the trends of technology that’s happening anyway? How many people across the country stream mp3 files to their stereo? Have TiVo systems? Use GoToMyPc? All of them are doing far geekier stuff than any of their parents. People are ten times more technologically aware than they were a generation ago.

And they pass that on to their kids. And their kids do more of it and pass it on to their kids. And so on...

So why do we need a story explaining the presence of a computer in the house that sits in the corner and runs and does nothing, most of the time, apparent to the naked eye? We don’t.

This book is just another symptom of people looking for a way to have someone else teach their children so they don’t have to.

Any geek worth his salt, which is any _real_ geek not a scr1pt k1dd13z or 1337 h4x0r5, can explain a server simply to anybody who asks. Including a child. (Helpful visual aids include a filing cabinet and file folders but are not absolutely necessary as long as you keep the explanations short, simple, and well thought out.)

And if you’ve got a child it’s _already_ your responsibility to explain those things from your point of view so why would you want to let anybody else do it?
January 8, 2008 11:05 AM

I really hate formally dressing up - at least in office attire that is. I seriously have to wonder how far behind people are to think that properly ironed collars, neckties, and perfectly short cut hair are REQUIREMENTS for efficient business function. I mean these things are all from the 1800s and have repeatedly been shown to increase people’s stress, point their focus in the wrong direction, and in general negatively affect efficiency in modern businesses. Almost to a one the companies that are considered the best places to work have business casual attire requirements.

If the person is focused on their clothing they will NOT be focused on their job. Period. Unfortunately that’s unlikely to change until people growing up now move into the halls of power. Of course the way that the old dogs in our government and super-sized corrupt corporations cling to power rather then generate it I have some doubts as to if things will change in m lifetime. (BTW a good corporation generates it’s own power structure by inspiring loyalty from its employees. If you can’t generate loyalty from your employees then all your are is a plantation owner with slaves.)

I don’t work for an overbearing corporation and I hope I never will. ( Overbearing corporations btw are ones that see people as objects and not human beings in my opinion. )

Still in the house hunting market. Neither myself nor my wife think putting an offer in on anything we saw last weekend would be a good idea. We have a whole host of others to see so I think I’m going to take some drive-by pictures tomorrow just to get a feel for the places to see if we want to schedule visits for them.

Another one of the ones we want to look at is another old farmhouse so I’m curious to see if it has some of the same issues as the other one did. (Curiously enough the other one is still listed on the website of the realtor in question so I’m wondering what’s going on there.) The other one that we really want to see is a newer home that has cedar siding and is, in reality, a little out of our price range at $165,900. I mean we _could_ afford that but it’ll be a tight squeeze because we’re not putting up any cash so we have to pay PMI which adds about $350 to the monthly payment so a house that is $165k+ that would normally be about $1k+/month ramps up to $1300/month. What a pain. I mean if you’re willing to give them a loan for the amount with no money down you shouldn’t add insult to injury. I know it’s a hedging of a bet by the lender but it feels really sleazy to me.

Really need to start packing at home but it’s been raining the last couple of days so getting the boxes home in the bed of my truck is problematic. They should fit in the back seat but I hate having things back there that obscure my vision. I suppose I’ll just have to put them back there so I can get them home but it’s just one more annoying thing.

We have a ton of stuff to pack. We need to pack all sorts of stuff including stuff in the kitchen. There’s an awful lot of stuff that needs to get boxed up but there’s a lot of stuff we’re not using due to space so choosing what to pack is not that hard. It’s just the time consuming act of packing and labeling that’s the issue.

I really need to start packing the rest of my books in my office. The loose ones of those are by far the biggest current packing candidates. After that it’s all the nick-knacks on the bookshelves. Then any loose misc in the bedrooms and the garage. And a lot more...

Thankfully a great number of things are still packed or on metro-racking. I don’t care what anybody says I’m renting a damn truck with a lift-gate. That means most of the stuff I have can just be rolled up onto the lift-gate, lifted into the truck, then roll it back into the truck. Reverse the order at the destination. It’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to fit all that stuff in multiple trips of my pickup. A _lot_ easier...
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( Jan. 6th, 2008 01:59 pm)
January 6, 2008 1:59 PM

So we went house hunting again today. (Pictures here: http://www.terminalcore.net/gallery/House_Hunting)

The first two we saw (Round 5 and Round 6 of Experiments in House Hunting) had some serious problems. Round 5 was a stone house that was sinking in front so much that the living room floor was significantly parabolic in shape. It also had point heaters in the bathroom and utility closet indicating that the furnace was not working. Round 6 was a hellishly incomplete rehab that we didn’t look at really long. It was just way too much work.

The next one (Round 7) was something that was move-in-ready but the sump pump was constantly cycling while we were there. It’s been a thaw the last couple of days so there was a lot of water and the lot slopes down to the house. The house is a serious contender if we can figure out what to do so the sump pump doesn’t need to run all the time. The other issue is that the house isn’t centered on the lot. The front lawn is HUGE while the backyard is tiny. I could put a workshop on that space but it would obscure the curb appeal of the house unless it was put really close to the front of the house. Of course what I could do would be to put a large garage+workshop in at the front of the property and then close off the existing garage and use the space for another bedroom or family room.

The second to last one I like to call Mold City (Round 8). It had a hellishly large amount of space in the basement that was unfinished and quite suitable for ALL my project needs. Unfortunately every drywalled wall in that basement looked like it had mold as well as the bathroom. It also looks like it needs electrical work. On the plus side there was a cop living across the street, a satellite dish installed, a fenced large yard once the fence by the garage was repaired, and a large garage.

Round 9 was the house that tried to kill me with it’s deck. (Okay maybe kill is the wrong word...maybe...bite would be a better word.) The deck hasn’t been cleaned in years and as I said it’s been a thaw for the last couple of days so it was slick and I slipped on it and landed on my ass. Other than that the house only had a few minor issues. The washer/dryer was in the kitchen area, the furnace was older, we’d need to buy appliances, and the electrical panel was an old fuse panel instead of a breaker panel. On the upside the garage was huge and it had central air. I’d have to mount the satellite dish on a pole or in the front yard possibly but something could be worked out there.

I actually like Round 9 the best despite the work needed. Unfortunately Round 8 and Round 9 are corporate owned and require the ernest money to be in certified funds as well as requirements that funding be completely in place when making an offer. That might kill the deal right there if they require something like a large cash outlay. I hate dealing with corporations. The MLS listing also has a buttload of disclaimers. Did I mention I hate corporations?


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