03:54 AM 11/08/2011

So once again our intrepid poster is awake at an early hour. Both good and bad. Good because I won't oversleep for the interview that I have today. Bad because I didn't get enough sleep for the interview I have today.

Did I mention I have an interview today?

Actually it's a three-person interview at a datacenter for a Help Desk position. Hopefully it goes well but that depends a lot on me. I know I meet their typing requirements of 35 wpm minimum since they had me do a quick typing test online. (I tested at 50wpm but that was with the laptop balanced on the corner of the couch so I know I can do better.)
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10:05 AM 11/07/2011

So..I didn't get the one position. They've put their hiring on hold again.

The thing that frustrates me about this is that I can't even take small jobs in-between the larger ones because it'll screw up my unemployment. I make $197 net per week on unemployment so I can't take anything that produces even close to that amount of money. So even though the one guy offered me a three-day job I can't take it because it'll close my unemployment claim and it'll take TWO WEEKS to reopen that.

So I can't even do short jobs. Thanks unemployment. You're really helping me there.

*sigh* I haven't stopped searching for a job but a lot of things I'm seeing are either out of state or too far for too little money. I can't afford to take a job that I'll lose money working and being $70k upside-down on our house prevents us from moving. But I keep looking and keep responding to the recruiters that send me potential jobs. Just sent off an email a few minutes ago in fact.

And...to top it all off....my mother was in the hospital this weekend with the classic heart attack symptoms. She's home now - they did a bunch of tests and found NOTHING - and she's just fine. That said it wasn't a pleasant experience for all concerned. Glad she's back to normal.

Just to pass the hat here - my daughter has her iPad2 but we still need to get the software for it. So if you've got a spare dollar or two to throw our way it would really be appreciated. PayPal to nimitz AT nimitzbrood.com or contact me via email the same way to get the address to send a check to or arrange another method. (Please note I have to know you personally to even consider giving out banking information.)

Still working on getting the workshop all sorted. I'm about a quarter of the way there. Today's news saps a little of my motivation but I need to go out there in a couple hours anyway to see if the video I'm rendering for NICA is going to come out okay. (It's banquet footage for the Northern Illinois Center for Autism which my wife and I are involved with. They shot the footage with no extra lighting so I have to try and fix the gamma problem. Likely it'll come out grainy unfortunately.)

Feeling like I'm not moving again. Which means I need to get up and get moving again. So much to do so little energy lately...
07:42 AM 11/04/2011

So I did the spark plugs and ignition wires on my wife's van last night and it seems to be running 100% better now. Still should probably replace the timing belt here soon as I don't know if it was ever replaced and the vehicle has 115k on it now. Have to wait for the money for that one. But for now it appears to be fixed.

Still shuffling things around in the workshop and want to get that done this weekend if I can so I don't have to do vehicle maintenance outside like I had to last night. It's getting too cold to do that.

Had my second interview for a particular help desk job yesterday - a face-to-face at the actual location. I think it went really well but it's supposedly between me and one other person so I'm in waiting mode once again. The place looks like a good place to work and the atmosphere seems positive and it's for a small group so it's not the insane call center environment.
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So as of today I'm enrolled in unemployment again. *sigh*

Between watching strange ads with George Takai in them at the Social Security office and filling out forms at the unemployment office it's been an interesting day.

I'm hoping, as many hope, that this is just temporary. I'd love for either the recruiters or a previous client to find me more work.

Regardless I'm on the hunt for a new job. My wife says that if I get a job out of state I can take it. I was approached by a recruiter yesterday about jobs in Wisconsin which is just over the border north of us. Told him that I'm interested but they'd have to make it worth my while due to the drive.

Stuff to think about...
11:51 AM 06/07/2011

So it's still quite melty here. I've got no less than 9 fans running in the house - 3 window, 1 floor, and 5 ceiling. Our electric bill should be interesting next month. Still cheaper than running window A/C units though.

The recruiters have added another week long job onto the end of this coming week long job so that's good. And they tell me they have a local month long job they're trying to get going here soon. All good.
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10:44 AM 06/02/2011

So I'm back from the holuday and things seem to be moving along. Not nicely, not fast, but they are moving.

Mashlock I left a message on your phone. Today would be okay to meet but tomorrow would have to be either early or late as my daughter has a party at school that I have to attend from 12 to 1.

Finally managed to get my classic iPod to play videos sequentially but only if shuffle is turned completely off. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? WTF Steve?

Felt like I had a tommyknocker visit last night. A couple of knocks that sounded very deliberate like knocking on the front door. I didn't open it because I could see nobody was there. I won't go into details but I asked whatever it was to leave and it did. Not sure what that was all about but I'm sure I'll find out later. (Hoping it wasn't "opportunity"...)

The contract jobs should keep coming and I talked to the recruiter today and she's confirmed I'm pre-approved for more of the short jobs at the mone client as well as any other jobs that may come up in the meantime. I'm trusting them to find me work and that feels a bit weird but I'll get over it.

Still despite all this I should be able to persue artistic endeavors and maybe sell some stuff there. I've seen worse things out there than what I have made sell for money so there's an opportunity I'm definitely going to look into not just for the money though.

And...I really need to get back to writing. I'm way behind in where I want to be with that.

I don't like stating it this way but once my unemployment runs out my time will be my own again. Once that happens regardless of what's going on I'm going to try and pick up where I left off with studying for my CCNA among other things. I'm not saying I'm going to eschew money making but the CCNA is something I dropped due to the IDES job search requirements so I fully hope to be able to restart that. Depends entirely on Microtrain and the county though/.

Well I'm off to do the grocery shopping!
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( May. 9th, 2011 05:46 pm)
17:47 PM 05/09/2011

I didn't get the Motorola position.

"Although your qualifications and experience are impressive we are unable to properly utilize your skills in relation to our current business needs."

I asked them for a copy of the background check and they told me they didn't do one. That means that I likely blew the interview and wasn't even in the running because they told me that they had to do background checks on all candidates.. So basically I waited on pins and needles all week and weekend for nothing. Thanks. Appreciate that.

On top of it they told me by email not phone. They didn't even have the guts to call me.

It's nice to know I'm not even worth a phone call.

So...back to the job hunt...
18:15 PM 05/04/2011

Well I had my first interview today in a bazillion years.
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( Apr. 21st, 2011 09:42 am)
08:43 AM 04/21/2011

So with the resurgence of taking my vitamins I've been sleeping less. This is both a good and bad thing. I'm able to get more done but on the other hand I've had trouble staying asleep. I'm thinking I should maybe just roll with it and see what the results are. I certainly can get a lot more done.
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14:26 PM 04/19/2011

So after certifying for my unemployment this morning I got a cold call from a headhunter who found my resume on Dice.com and wanted to submit me for a position doing help desk call center work for a particularly popular medical insurance company.

It sounds like a good job, pays more than I was looking for, and is in damn near the same place I was driving for the last decade at my previous job. So I told the headhunter to submit my resume and let me know when they want me to interview. It's not the Linux admin job but I can't afford to ignore anybody willing to potentially hire me.

I haven't gotten back to writing as of yet. That, like many other things, is on hold until I become employed again.

I have to apologize to ellenmillion. I have something in the Torn World submission queue that I haven't finished edits on. What happened was very simple and it wasn't just because I entered my Extended Benefits phase of my unemployment that suddenly takes up all my time.

After much thought on the matter it turns out that the edits (deservedly harsh ones) hit me while I was down. I just couldn't handle them because of what else is going on in my life. I was trying to climb back up out of the bucket labeled depression and they just hit me the wrong way.

And it's not their fault either because the edits for the story in question are very very correct in their reactions about what must be changed. I just couldn't, and for the moment still can't, process them mentally or emotionally. Thus I have to apologize because I'm just not up to snuff at the moment.
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April 11, 2011 10:01 AM 4/11/11

So I heard from my friend in Tokyo and despite the radioactive tentacle monsters and zombies he’s holding on and keeping his sense of humor. To wit - “Signing in from bouncing Tokyo, where we havent felt a tremor in a half hour!”. Good to know because I was worried about him.

He did point out to me that I need to post at least something every so often simply because it keeps my stream of consciousness from fragmenting. And as usual the bastard is right on target. ;-) So I’ll try and post things in-between looking for jobs and house stuff but everything else unfortunately has to remain on hold.

As expected with gooberment functions unemployment got it wrong. (Or I did when certifying over the phone.) So they overpaid me by one week even though I had waived that week. This put me in the unpleasant position of calling them to arrange to give them back money. (I’ve had friends get really hosed in the past by not correcting this situation so I made damn sure I corrected it.) They’re sending me a form and I’ll send them a check when I get it.

In better news there’s still hope of me getting the Linux Admin job. I really really want that job because it sounds perfect for me. Supposedly it’s completely casual and it’s not far from where I drove to for a decade. I just hope I can get an early morning shift but I’m not going to argue if they want to put me on a different one. The place sounds cool and like a place I’d love to work at.
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So if I've been a little silent please forgive me.

I've entered the final phase of my unemployment - Extended Benefits.

What you have to do for this phase is make 5 business contacts and 3 applications per week and fax those to IDES.

It's not like I wasn't looking for a job before but now this leaves me little time to do anything including study for my WIAA granted CCNA test.

And if I screw this up even once my benefits disappear. And until I find employment I can't let that happen.

I'm hoping a particular Linux based job comes through for me. It sounds like just the job I've been looking for. Casual environment, Linux servers, server room, etc. And it's not far from where I was driving to work before. (I may yet return to the days of teriyaki chicken pita lunches.)

Anyway the upshot of all this is that everything is on hold. And I mean everything. If I can get to it during the time I'm not actively looking for a job then fine but otherwise I can't afford to do it.

I'm going to try and get some sleep now...


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