...pecked to death by zombie flamingos.

Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. :-(
16:36 PM 10/03/2011

So I've been running on about 2 hours of sleep today because I woke up in the middle of the early morning (about 2 am or so) after having a nasty nightmare. (Fell asleep at midnight.)

I was walking through a hospital complex, the ginormous kind with the large glass windows and clear glass catwalks and such, and for whatever reason I decide to take a shortcut through this section off to my left.

Now who in their right mind puts auto-open doors on a section for contageous diseases? I realized to my horror after walking through the doors that it was something of a treatment wing and sanitarium for a contageous disease that slowly drives you insane complete with hallucinations. The primary hallucination being evil clowns.

So I'm wandering through the place and several doctor's shake their heads because now that I'm here I can't leave. I come to a well lighted corridor and there's The 11th Doctor complete with sonic screwdriver and a man restrained in a chair with The Doctor scanning him and then asking the entire room "Now! Has anybody seen any clowns?".

The rest of the dream became one of dark corridors and evil clowns. Complete with flickering light bulbs.

Not sure what happened after that because I didn't stick around. I kind of forced myself to wake up.

I don't know who came up with evil clowns but damn they're scary sometimes...


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