20:46 PM 01/20/2012

So home safe and sound right now. Had the quarterly meeting of the place I'm working at today at a restaurant and it took me about 30 minutes to go a distance that usually takes me about 5 - 10 maximum.

And...I locked my keys in my car...while it was running...at the restaurant...in front of my co-workers...and my wife had to come and unlock it for me.

Fortunately she works on the same road I do and she was able to stop by on her way out from the office. I owe her one for that...but not too big a one.

Don't let up...SOPA/PIPA will be back...

Watched a good chunk of the internet get blacked out in protest the other day and that was a really really good thing. Big companies and small artists alike put forth the effort to black out their websites and put up notices informing people about how bad this legislation is. I am ashamed to admit that I was remiss in this one as I did nothing. (I have no excuse. "I was working." doesn't cut it because a lot of artists that make a living with their websites did it and if it cost them something of their daily income then I could have spared some of my time.)

Unfortunately while this is a nice temporary setback for the individuals funding SOPA/PIPA there is no way this is the end. They'll do like they have done in the past and slip it into a bill for funding faith based schools run by orphan nuns or something and it'll pass at 2 am with very little dissenting vote from those not paid millions of dollars by vested interests. (Side note: If so much of this lobbying money is being thrown around why isn't the nation debt being paid down??)

And then we'll be stuck with another bad law.

Because here's the thing - the US legal system is currently constructed so that it's very easy to make laws but very hard to get them removed. The best reason I can fathom for this is that the legal system has obviously grown over time to fit the needs of those using it as a career platform. So the more laws they can make that benefit themselves and the harder they are to remove then the safer their lives as lawmakers are. (That leads, best as I can tell, to a society of elite lawmakers/kings with a silent class of servants that do not step out of line for fear of breaking an unknown law.)

So...obviously...the time to fight these things is when they first get created. We need a public service that...

1) Watches the government as they create proposals.

2) Translate those proposals into common language.

3) Does automatic alerts of these laws to a network APP for phones or tablets or TVs or indeed anything networked. Perhaps by category.

The problem with this system is that it's spammable. You could in theory create a billion tiny proposals that mean nothing and flood the system hiding the real proposals for laws that you want to create.

Then you'd have to make the public service bigger. Which would introduce more errors into the translation of those proposals to common language. Or put the entire service at risk of infiltration or even being bought off.

As usual there are no easy answers.

But...BUT...if you _could_ make that system fairly secure...AND...people didn't get lazier about their governemnt than they already are...it woud be a good way to keep some of the legal stuff in check.


But honestly I think the best thing that people can do is just pay attention. Don't let them pull things over on you. You're smarter than that.

"People are dumb, panicky, and you know it!" is only a phrase from a movie. I have faith in people. They can do a lot.

You. You can do a lot.
21:31 PM 02/19/2011

So once again I forgot that I can't touch my eyes after visiting my friend's house because he has cats. Hours later after flushing them and taking a nap the right eye is finally useable again. Y'know maybe goggles will take off as a trend. I'd love a pair like Atrus from Riven has. Maybe it's time to send in my cheap chippers for custom lenses. (My daughter's new glasses come first though.)
Itchy Irrigations... )
18:23 PM 02/17/2011

Why do I get the impression that this country is going downhill fast?

I just found out that the recent HR 1 budget stuff includes complete and utter recission of all the WIA funding and contracts.  That means making it as if it had never been.

That also means there's a very likely possibility that the training places will have to pay back the money and pass that debt on to the students.  If that happens that leaves me with what amounts to a student loan to pay off.
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WTF is all this coming to?  I mean it's almost like the forces in power are ACTIVELY choosing paths that are pushing towards a revolution in this country.  Every action they take seems to be stupider and more selfish leaving the people of the US no other choice but to forcibly replace them at gunpoint.

I just don't know...

In a slightly brighter vein I saw actual bright sunlight today and the snow has melted enough off the driveway so I can get the car out without having to move my wife's van.  And the sump pump happily cycled on and off as expected today without so much as a hiccup. Considering the trouble we've had in the past that's a welcome thing.  Need to start plants the end of this month or the beginning of next month.  Hopefully I can provide enough warmth and light.

Warmth and light...

That's something we seem to be short of in this world of late.  Most good things grow in warmth and light and without them wither and die.  We need more things to grow.

Fell asleep on the futon in the library for an hour or so today.  I must have been really worn out because I didn't even stir.  Thankfully our daughter (who's home until Tuesday - wtf?) is old enough that she doesn't get into too much trouble now.  She did eat the chocolate I had saved for my wife which I feel guilty about not putting up out of the way but other than that she didn't  get into anything else.

And that's another thing I'm seriously concerned about with all this budget stuff.  Part of the reason my daughter is doing so well is there are a lot of people working with her.  We may grouse about the school but in truth they do quite a lot with her.  If their funding is cut then my daughter will likely get "shelved" so to speak.  That would be disasterousfor all concerned. :-(

-I can't get involved! I've got work to do! It's not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there's nothing I can do about it right now. It's such a long way from here.-

March 13, 2009 11:04 AM 3/13/09

Our Freedoms Goodbye - ttto American Pie by Don Mclean


A long, long time ago...
I can still remember
How the signals never reached my brain.
And I would often take the chance
To lose my tinfoil hat and dance
And, maybe, just be happy for a while.

But the government made me bitter
With every new emitter.
Signals on my cortex;
I had to take the next step.

More behind the cut... )
February 25, 2009 11:14 AM 2/25/09

So I listened intently to President Obama last night and I liked what I heard with one exception - it’s an awful load of promises he’s heaped upon himself. I hope he can deliver both for the sake of this country and for his sake as well.

It actually rained lightly today while I was at work. There were raindrops on all the vehicles in the parking lot when I came out to go to lunch. We’re moving our way into spring just fine now.

Power brick asshattery under the cut... )

The song is tongue-in-cheek but far too many Americans feel this way unfortunately...
February 24, 2009 11:27 AM 2/24/09

So the fix-a-flat seems to be holding up okay in the rear truck tire. So at least that’s something anyway.

Need to do the dishes when I get home. (We let them pile up a bit while we didn’t feel well.) And laundry, and steam clean the carpet, and a whole host of other things as usual.

Going rounds with an accessory dealer from E-Bay that sold me the wrong brick for my G3 Powerbook/iBook, RMA’d it for me, then sent me the _exact_ same wrong model. I think they’re confused about which model they have because the item listing said G3 Powerbooks and this is clearly not right. That means it’s most likely the kind that goes to early G4 Powerbooks. Regardless it’s a pain and I’m really gonna balk at shipping it back because they haven’t shown me that they can get me the right object.

Still cold out but not nasty cold today. It was this morning but I’m hoping those days will be fewer as we get to the end of this month. It reached 44 the other day according to my weather station at home. I wish I’d been home during that because I could have gotten a lot done.

Typing outside today and I’m having the usual problem - sunlight. When it gets warmer I’ll be able to sit at one of the picnic tables but right now that’s obviously not possible. I keep forgetting to pick up a sun shade when we have money - which we don’t this week. It’s a “lean” week.

Going to watch the President speak to Congress tonight. Hopefully he’ll be able to get all of the critters to listen but I doubt the Republicans are going to do anything but pick it apart. We’ll have to wait and see.

People are judging him after only what? A month in office? He’s cleaning up 8+ years of shit people give him a break!

Gotta go back to work unfortunately...
February 11, 2009 10:18 AM 2/11/09

So I see that Congresscritter Fiendstein is trying to put anti net-neutrality stuff into an economic stimulus/spending package.

Those of you that elected the SOB should feel proud that she seems poised to represent the special interests behind closed doors where people can’t see what she’s doing.

Yeah. That’s important. It’s important to protect our corporate interests and put that in A PIECE OF LEGISLATION THAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DEALING WITH THE ECONOMIC CRISIS IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!


If you can’t do the job we _will_ vote you out. We’re awake now you assholes so watch where you step.

*ahem* )
January 21, 2009 11:17 AM 1/21/09

So we’ve done it and our choice for the presidency is now in office.


I for one am looking forward to what he is going to do in his first 100 days. This should prove very very interesting.

I’m not going to say much more on this today except that I now have something I didn’t have before. Pride in a number of my fellow Americans. That’s long been lacking.

I hope it continues and I know _I_ will try and work it into my life goals.

There’s an idea - be someone that _everyone_ can be proud of. A tall order but doable by anybody if they try.

So I feel a little better now that I gave my neighbor the news about his computer. )
January 15, 2009 10:56 AM 1/15/09

It was a balmy negative 14 degrees when I drove into work this morning and as of a couple hours ago my home weather station was registering minus 12.

And my friends in warmer climates think they have it bad because they dropped into the 60’s. Bah! It’s days like this when I wonder why I didn’t call in and use a vacation day.

In other news...once again I will highly suggest that the laws be changed to allow physical harm to people running full-time spam servers. And I’m not talking about the average zombied PC or firms that do legitimate mass-marketing to their customers. I’m talking about the annoying servers that are sending out billions of SPAM messages that take up my miniscule amount of bandwidth and require me to add whole subnets to my firewall rules to shut them down.

Their spammy spamm ways and a cut due to wordyness... )
December 17, 2008 10:09 AM 12/17/08

First - my condolences to anyone in NY who enjoys a luxury like beer:


Apparently it’s not possible to cut pork in a budget but instead taxes have to be raised and then school and hospital funding must be cut as well. I’m hoping some sanity from the people will prevail there before that gets enacted.


In other political news once again I notice that it’s harder to keep track of these critters every day.

Continue every read for great justice! )
October 13, 2008 11:13 AM 10/13/08

So I’m looking at the news online yesterday and notice an article that says the National Debt Clock has rolled over and they had to sticky-past a dollar sign on the front so that they could use the original dollar sign display to display the one.

That doesn’t bother me - clocks roll over all the time. But this is the clock that tracks our National Debt.

The article stated that a new clock will be installed in 2009 and it will be able to display a considerably larger number.

Okay. Fine. Wait...WHAT?

So here in the US we’ve got a debt that rivals most debts in the known world (I honestly don’t know if it’s the worst or not) and instead...instead of figuring out how to lower that number...instead of using the broken clock as a talking point to rally the people to make the government fix the problem...we are going to fix the clock.

Talk about curing the symptom and ignoring the disease!

Every single person who hears about this should be screaming, literally screaming, at their congress-critter to find a way to lower that number.


Well...frankly...because we’re not sure it would help.

I mean look at what happened with the bailout. People did a wonderful job of calling their representatives in Washington to prevent pushing that crap through. And we stopped it - once. It was then amended and pushed through anyway.

And while I can’t speak to the changes I’m of the opinion that any part of that bailout should not have been done.

But what a fucking slight of hand that was. “Oh we’ve changed it! It’s not the same bailout plan as the first one!” And people bought that and the corporate losers who’ve been greedily sucking up all the wealth got their cash. It’s disgusting to me and it should be disgusting to most US people but for some reason they don’t seem to care.

If I let my tinfoil speculate I’d suspect something in the water supplies but I don’t think they’re that organized. The truth is that we’ve gotten lazy and apathetic. Partly because we’re not used to controlling our government and partly because we’ve been the fat cats for so long that we just don’t remember how to do anything else right now.

Add to that we’ve been taught to trust the government and the media and doctors and lawyers and...well you get the picture.

Things could be made quite a bit better if we didn’t trust anybody in authority except perhaps emergency personnel and even then only guarded trust.

You know what I’d love to see? I’d love to see every member of our government’s private vehicles papered with the latest national debt number. Nothing damaging but use a big messy splotch of rubber cement so it’s annoying to remove but not difficult.

Plant lawn signs in their yards stating “Due to the national debt and your corrupt government actions we the people feel that your property could better be used as a homeless shelter and we claim it under eminent domain.”

We need more civil disobedience. Nothing nasty. Nothing damaging. Nothing dangerous. Just stuff they have to work to clean up. Stuff that the media can’t ignore if there’s enough of it.

Hang banners from every window that you can that says “Our national debt and our economy is what it is because of corruption and large corporations.” Or something like “Trust no one in congress or the White House.”, and maybe “Your government is lying to you.” Simple statements that everyone can understand. I’d love “Your government is no longer YOUR government!” but I think that would confuse people.

It’s still not quite too late to change this with words and deeds. We’ve still got a little bit of the other boxes left to stand on before we choose the ammo box.

And I’m really hoping that we don’t have to pull out the ammo box...
October 8, 2008 11:33 AM 10/8/08

I’m damn tired. I was up late last night working on my Cobalt Qube server so it can become the file server for the house with NetBSD on it and USB drives attached. That gives me expandability and I don’t have to open up the damn case on the Qubes.

I’ll have to back it up over NFS unless I use rsync or something but that can all be worked out easily enough.

Watched the movie The Specials last night. It was actually a pretty cool parody take on the whole superhero genre.

Unfortunately that and re-compiling a mips kernel kept me up late. We really need more hours in the day...

Got the lawn mowed for what should be one of the final times before first snow. Now I just need to empty the rain barrel and tear into the dead garden weeds. Maybe I can get to some of that this weekend on whatever day the wedding isn’t.

So far getting the Qube2 to play (and record) sounds has been the highlight of this week. I’m driving to Burlington, WI to pick up my mother’s computer today so I can have it ready for the weekend. Not a big deal I just hate this weather. (Where was this damn rain when I was growing watermelons??)

I’ve had to fire up the furnace in the garage when I’m out there late. I think I’m not going to program it this year but leave it set at the 45 degree mark. That will prevent freezing in there and I can always turn it up for the time I’m in there.

Went to put filters on those gable vents and found, of course, that they are an odd size - 13“ x 24”. I could probably get away with wider than 13“ so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Unfortunately the house furnace takes 16” x 25“ filters so there goes the hope that I could buy one set of filters and be done with it. :-/

I’m hoping that I can get around to the final shuffle of stuff this weekend as well. I really really want that part of the project finished. Once that’s done there’s still organizing to be done but there shouldn’t be a lot of large swaps involved except for perhaps books. Someone on http://www.instructables.com showed some simple swing-down organizers and I think I’ll do that out in the garage. It’ll be a good way for me to store certain things out of the way and give me shelf space back for things like technical books and CD/DVDs. (I’d love to get a projector set up our there but that’s unlikely at this time considering how expensive they still are.)

I also need to swap the tractor and the grill this week. Any remaining mowing days I can do with the trim mower without too much trouble and I don’t think there’s going to be too many of those left.

Thought of another idea to submit to Google but it only benefits civilian submarine makers so I’m not sure if I should submit it there or not. If I don’t submit it there I’ll post it here.

There are so many good ideas that I need to test out but there’s also so little time and so little money...
October 7, 2008 11:13 AM 10/7/08

So I’m listening and watching to as little political stuff as possible. To me the arguments are one-sided and unfortunately for any third-party candidates our current system only really allows two choices for president.

But here’s the thing - it allows a buttload of choices for other representatives. And those representatives are often MORE important than who becomes the president.

I’m all for voting an incumbents out. Period. The problem is that there seems to be no complete list of them! It’s a lot of work to check hundreds of names to find out how long they’ve been in office. And if it’s one thing the American people don’t want it’s more work.

But that’s what it’s all about people. Maintaining a government that has your best interests at heart _IS_ a lot of work. People just two generations before the current one knew this. The fact that we should and _HAVE_ to work this hard for _OUR_ government has been long glossed over by the media and large corporate interests.

“Well the government will do something about that.” - Not unless you do so yourself because you ARE the government.

“I don’t need to protect myself the government will.” - Yes. They’ll protect you by taking away your rights. You’re awfully safe in a small box with the door shut and police on the other side. Until a criminal sneaks in the window that is...

“But the terrorists!” - Who’s more a terrorist? The people who killed thousands or the people torturing millions.

“Well I don’t mind privacy invasions because I have nothing to hide!” - Umm...okay...so you’re the modern equivalent of Gandhi or Mother Theresa then? Not likely. I’d think about all the things you hide from other people and if you want them all exposed. How many of you have illegal music? How many of you have “medicinal herbs”? How many of you practice a religion which is unpopular? Let us all share the deepest, darkest, horrible secrets of our souls....you first.

There is NO excuse for not running your own government - and even less for not even voting.

“But that’s so HAARD!”

Sorry - them’s the breaks.

Hey America! Remember when you used to be young and thin and nothing in the world mattered more than you? Nothing could stop you from anything you wanted to do and you were so proud! What happened?

Well like most people you sat on your butt and let time pass you by. You ceased to care about doing anything but sitting in front of the TV or the computer. The government people all run by corporations said “Don’t worry about it! We’ll take care of everything for you!”

And we believed them - myself included.

So what happened is the same thing that happens to anybody who parks themselves in front of the TV. We got lazy. We got fat. (Myself included.) The government kept whispering in our ears that they’d keep us safe and handle everything.

And the government too grew fat and lazy. And as a result things began to break down. Laws began to break down. Infrastructure began to break down. People began to break down.

And that’s where we are now - broken.

We need to get up off our collective asses and fix our broken country. It’s not going to get fixed by who’s in the government offices because they are only one part of the government - we are the other part.

And we’ve not been involved in the mechanism for quite some time now.

So what’s this come down to? Well it comes down to the fact that you should at least vote. I won’t try and sway your choices - that’s up to you.

But I’ll tell you one thing. There is one thing and only one thing corrupt government people fear.

It’s you.

When you and those around you are organized and informed and active you are the one thing that can stop them from spending more of your money on useless things or taking away your rights or hiding in the halls of power ignoring what you want.

Raise your voices people. Tell them that enough is enough and you will no longer be trapped by their whims.

You’re better than that people and I have a great amount of faith in you.
September 12, 2008 11:27 AM 9/12/08

Can we get off this planet now? Or at least out of this country?

Let’s see....

The Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters in Michigan who are involved with or have been foreclosed upon. (They’re also thinking about doing this in Ohio among other places as well.) This removes a portion of the population that is angry against the current government.

The Senate Judiciary Committee just passed EIPA which basically puts the DOJ as the lapdogs of the media industries to pursue lawsuits against anybody even suspected of sharing copyrighted content. That law also removes many barriers to seizure of possessions in those cases.

The war in Iraq shows no signs of ending.

The war in Afghanistan shows no signs of ending.

We’ve recently told our military that we can pursue and fight into Pakistan without their permission. (There’s another war waiting to start.)

We’re still trying to start a war with Iran.

Our economy is sliding downward regardless of what anyone says. We’re trapped in our own mire.

And we’re sinking rapidly.

Someone elsewhere mentioned the phrase “arranging deck chairs on the Titanic” and it sure does fit. Right now we’re sinking badly and it seems that all but a few people are part of the band playing in the background waiting for the end.


Don’t know what to do? Well here’s a list...

VOTE!. It may not make a difference but it can’t help but make a change.

CALL YOUR CONGRESSCRITTER! Do not let them put you on hold for any length of time. Do not accept taking a message. TALK TO THE PEOPLE INVOLVED DIRECTLY. Inundating them with physical phone calls is the only way that I can see that the thoughts of the average man or woman will be heard.

CALL THE MEDIA! Once again - inundation from physical phone calls about a given set of subjects will cause them to sit up and take notice despite how much money they’re getting from their corporate sponsors.

E-mail gets deleted. Faxes get trashcanned. And if the phone calls ALWAYS go to voicemail then THAT is something you can tell the media when you call them.

And if they don’t answer either?


No feces. No urine. No fake blood. Nothing to throw. Just your voices and the signs and the cameras.

Start no fights. If they hit you DON’T hit back. This will force them to show their true colors.

The problem with active protesting is that once you swing a fist or throw an object then THEY BECOME THE MARTYRS AND YOU LOSE ANY CHANCE OF SHOWING THE TRUTH OR MAKING YOUR POINT.


I’m out of time here today but please people AT LEAST DO SOMETHING!


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