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( Nov. 8th, 2014 12:53 pm)
Not sure if I posted this idea or not but right now I don't have the cash spare to build the prototype.

Get one of the mini sized metal trash cans with the lid. (5 gal I think.) Place four large lag bolts into it about 2/3 of the way down. Make sure they are level. Drill several small (1/4") air holes around the bottom edge and in the lid.

Take one of these:

And place it in the can on top of the bolts.

Drill two 2" holes on opposite sides of the can as close to the top of the rim as possible. Buy two of these:$_35.JPG

Bolt them on the _inside_ of the can at the place where you drilled the 2" holes.

Connect them with exhaust flex pipe:

Attach an inexpensive 12V muffin fan to the outside of one of the flanges and power that using a 12V battery or brick or whatever.

Now at the bottom of the can, exactly in the center, place a large can of gel alcohol fuel - aka Sterno.

Light said Sterno. Sterno heats the radiant flowerpot heater, which heats the flex pipe, which heats the air that the fan blows. The pipe prevents the forced air from possibly disturbing the alcohol flame among other things.

For extra points wire in a thermostat to the fan circuit.
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( Jun. 2nd, 2013 10:41 pm)
I once posted the idea of inserting Brita filters into PVC pipes to make your own water filtration system. It just occurred to me that this could also be used to purify air. The flow would be greatly reduced but for confined areas this could be used to push a slightly purified air. It might look like a Blue Man Group bank of pipes but it would work.

It also occurs to me that these would be an idea method to cheaply scrub CO2 from a confined space. 1) Recirculate the CO2 laden air through the filter. 2) After X period of time pump regular air through the filter to "regenerate" the carbon. Granted algae might be a better solution overall but that requires water and a dry source is much easier to use.
Just mentally leaving myself a note here because I don't have a notebook handy.

I work with four large LCD monitors and a laptop screen at work. So five screens today. And I need every bit of space.

My problem is that I'm using a lot of mouse action to move from screen to screen and that of course causes the usual symptoms.

So why haven't we developed a synchronized touch screen driver yet? I mean touch screen monitors in large sizes are dropping in price every year. Capacitive kits are all the rage but resistive kits would do just as well for most purposes.

Looking at the problem I find that you'd have to have what amounts to a second graphics card. Or at least the equivalent memory space of one. Basically you've have to create a virtual overlay that represents the combined resolution of the multiple monitors. If your system has a decent amount of memory this would be fine but only if you can lock a chunk of that away from the operating system except for a modified mouse driver. In fact if you were able to reserve that memory space you could in fact do multitouch for all those monitors at once. I mean effectively it's just a table programming-wise. (In my limited programming experience that is.) And there are already drivers (for Windows at least) that support multiple mouse inputs at once so you could easily modify that to accept point.

The trick of course (besides writing all of this) is matching all the resolutions exactly and tracking all that in real time. It would probably use up a fair amount of processing power until the software was properly optimized. And Goddess forbid you change resolutions on the fly. It would make RTS gaming much more interesting though. ;-)

I did see a link to ten finger multitouch on Windows 8 but that was only on one monitor.

Anyways just random rambling. A real post probably this weekend as I pack for next weekend and try and swap a bike tire on my motorcycle.
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( Dec. 30th, 2011 06:26 am)
So looking over my rather long E-Bay watch list and this is one of the things I have on it:

It's a premixed fire clay good to 2500 degrees. What I was thinking about using it for was to create a proper height and sealed dome for my existing enameling "hot plate" style kiln that would allow me the height to do bangles and bracelets.

The idea is to use the existing metal dome, cover it in the fire clay, and continue down with the clay so it lifts the metal dome up about 2 - 4 more inches from the top of the heating element. I'd also embed a hook or bale or something into the top of the dome to allow me to remove it easily. Probably have to use either stainless wire or uncoated copper or something for that. (A bit concerned about heat transfer to the hook as I want to retain as much heat as possible inside.

This design would also allow me to add a pyrometer to the setup and not affect the work inside as much. Still need to get a pyrometer btw. A couple more weeks at least before I can think about spending for that.

Off to work...
April 11, 2011 10:01 AM 4/11/11

So I heard from my friend in Tokyo and despite the radioactive tentacle monsters and zombies he’s holding on and keeping his sense of humor. To wit - “Signing in from bouncing Tokyo, where we havent felt a tremor in a half hour!”. Good to know because I was worried about him.

He did point out to me that I need to post at least something every so often simply because it keeps my stream of consciousness from fragmenting. And as usual the bastard is right on target. ;-) So I’ll try and post things in-between looking for jobs and house stuff but everything else unfortunately has to remain on hold.

As expected with gooberment functions unemployment got it wrong. (Or I did when certifying over the phone.) So they overpaid me by one week even though I had waived that week. This put me in the unpleasant position of calling them to arrange to give them back money. (I’ve had friends get really hosed in the past by not correcting this situation so I made damn sure I corrected it.) They’re sending me a form and I’ll send them a check when I get it.

In better news there’s still hope of me getting the Linux Admin job. I really really want that job because it sounds perfect for me. Supposedly it’s completely casual and it’s not far from where I drove to for a decade. I just hope I can get an early morning shift but I’m not going to argue if they want to put me on a different one. The place sounds cool and like a place I’d love to work at.
A pony of a different color... )
April 19, 2009 10:32 AM 4/19/09

So I’m drinking cran-cherry stuff again - you can probably guess why. I think the last stone didn’t break up but just stopped moving because last night on the couch I suddenly felt like someone had kicked me in the right side of my middle/lower back. Right where the original stone pains were. I’m still going to work but I’m probably going to have to bring a bottle of cran-crap with me until this is all over.

Fresh herbs on the way... )
April 15, 2009 8:38 PM 4/15/09

Go crazy! Don’t mind if I do!

I’m pretty close too what with the chaos at the office right now...


The weather was warm enough that I could go and ride the motorcycle to the store to get some headphones. (Managed to pick up a 2nd-gen 4GB ipod mini for $49 off of E-Bay to replace all the stupid hard-drive based ones that keep failing on me.) It was even warm enough to wear my tech vest without the arms though I did wear gloves.

Is it summer yet? )
March 24, 2009 11:10 AM 3/24/09

Worked out on the Wii yesterday for 20 minutes and my Wii Fit age went down to 36! Cool! Of course it also said I gained 4 lbs between yesterday and the day before. Not too concerned because that happened the last time I got in shape due to muscle mass and increased blood flow. I can’t wait to see what it says when I get on it today. :-)

The damn thing tired me out last night so I went to bed pretty early so I didn’t get anything but the dishes done.

Things are getting a bit better organized at home. I’m going to move the wireless router and re-wire a couple of things so that the small printer is in the library. That will leave the wire in the third bedroom free for the large printer and be a little better wired.

Now that the plow is off the lawn tractor there’s a little more room in the garage for me to work so I can get more organization into that. I need to have work space for both computers and everything else. I really need to get moving on that because once planting season hits I’ll be too busy.

Worked out the basic solar/thermal design in my head. I’ve got the original sketches done so now all I need to do is acquire the building materials. Not sure where I’m going to mount it for testing but a southern exposure will obviously be best.

The Vicodin isn’t helping with gum pain. I’m taking a generic ibuprofen at work but I don’t want to take too much of that for obvious reasons. The suture is still in my mouth and hasn’t dissolved yet so it feels like there’s something stuck back there when there isn’t anything but the suture. Still got to be careful about eating but I can eat out of the left side of my mouth for now and be okay. Have to flush my mouth with water after eating which turns out isn’t a bad thing to do anyway.

Been taking my full complement of vitamins the last few days without issue. I shouldn’t have a problem continuing that as long as I remember to eat before taking them in the morning.

Still non biting my fingernails (Yay!) and typing has become interesting. I’m filing them okay but it’s still weird having that extra pressure when I hit a key on the keyboard. Never thought fingernails would be an issue...

Back to work for me!
March 18, 2009 11:18 AM 3/18/09

So I’ve decided that I don’t need a Bradley GT II for a while yet. It’s been one of my cars I’ve wanted to get for years and then convert to a hybrid. It’s light enough and it’s got enough space for batteries and a generator. But I can’t quite afford to do that yet.

I am likely going to buy insulation for the garage rafters though as that’s going to make working out there this summer considerably cooler as well as keeping it warmer in the winter. Maybe I won’t be spending an insane amount of money a month then.

Wish it wasn’t going to rain today. I’d have loved to ride the bike to work today but it t’was not to be. And it’s not going to be suitable riding weather the rest of the week it looks like.


I’m woolgathering again...

Tomorrow I get my one wisdom tooth yanked so hopefully I won’t be in pain a week from now. As I said before it truly is distracting.

Getting some of my sketches and notes together and hopefully I’ll be trying to build a few solar powered things this year. I’ve got a pack of 25 of the 7x10 Fresnel lenses and they focus to a fairly hot point even with minimal light. Still need to test a bunch of things.

Short post today so I can get some other things done at work...
March 2, 2009 9:21 PM 3/2/09

If you read the previous post you might have gotten the impression that I’m angry at my wife. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Frustrated sometimes but not truly angry. I’ve only been truly angry with her a handful of times in our life together and all of those have been resolved well past this time period.

We may disagree on some things but in the end we both respect and love each other.

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February 23, 2009 11:08 AM 2/23/09

So after doing a little research I’ve found that a number of things can be grown upside-down from hanging planters - including my peppers.

I’m probably not going to do that but it’s an interesting proposition because it means that as long as you have good light you can grow food where you normally wouldn’t think you could.

I watched a couple on House Hunter’s International last night buy a small house with land in Spain and they were complaining about the size of the land. I’d do quite a bit to get a plot of land like they were complaining about. Just one acre would be all I’d need...

Doom doom doom doom...Frito you fool! )
January 26, 2009 11:09 AM 1/26/09

A wonderful Monday to start off the week. Network traffic I don’t understand, bandwidth limiting issues, tiredness due to insomnia, and a great many other things. Wonderful.

Got some more stuff organized yesterday so hopefully by next century I’ll have it all done.

And since talking to my local Nextel/Sprint franchise place my Nextel continues to hang up my data connection and reboot at the most inopportune times. It’s odd that something that worked so consistently for so many _years_ suddenly starts to have problems the moment I talk to them about upgrading. I don’t seriously think they’re screwing with anything but in this day and age of corporate fuckery I wouldn’t put it past them.

Been catching up on TV shows I’ve missed thanks to Netflix. I’m now almost through season 2 of Heroes.

Not much else going on really. I’m just biding my time and getting things done. The same old things still apply - I need to be more active, I need to lose the weight, I need sleep, etc.

One thing that is more consistent is the taking of my vitamins in the morning. I took them without food today but I went to sleep on a full stomach so that wasn’t an issue.

Still trying to figure out what to do with my neighbor’s system. His chip is definitely good as do the other parts appear to be. I think I’ll make one more test and then just get him another board when we can afford it. The question is do I get the same board or do I get a different one. I don’t want to have to re-load Windows but it looks like it might come to that.


My mind is a little stalled at the moment. I hope I can get the rest of the shuffling done thing week. Having everything at least in the _general_ place its supposed to be will be a big relief because then it’s just minor shuffling. Nothing has to go far then and it’s a lot easier to work on getting everything in order.

Came up with a wonderful idea for the garage to strengthen it using a framework of long cross beams around the edge of the inner walls that would leave the center beam able to be removed and the cable ties moved up creating a completely open ceiling. Definitely a long-term plan.

I also came up with something else. Remember the garden monitors shaped like crystals? Turns out if I use the casing resin I can embed broken solar cells into them and make them completely battery powered. I think that would look really cool as well.

I definitely need to get more sleep...
January 12, 2009 10:55 AM 1/12/09

And no one should have to use Windows either.

I can’t believe the amount of people downloading the Windows 7 Beta. IT’S VISTA WITHOUT THE SHINY!


Anyway we’re in for another cold snap so I fully expect to have to get out there and plow repeatedly. I had to do it a few times on Saturday but that didn’t turn out too bad. Still have to find the chains for the rear wheels though.

Came up with another airship related question. How much more energetic does helium become when heated?

Heated helium, poured pavers, and demolition reclaimation... )
January 8, 2009 11:10 AM 1/8/09

A good policy to live by.

Laughing at the darkness puts you more at ease no matter which side of the coin you’re on. If you’re more light than dark then laughing at it makes you stronger because you’re filling the darkness with light. If you’re more dark than light it makes you stronger because you’re confident that the darkness can’t harm you. Either way it works out.

I try and laugh at a lot of things now. I didn’t used to and I still don’t do it enough. But I find humor in a lot more of the universe than I have in the past.

Laughter, orgone generators, singing gardens... )


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