And this one wasn't even for work. :-(

I awoke in the middle of the night. Went to get some water and something to eat. Noticed the cheese was not as cold as it should have been in the fact the fridge is not as cold as it should have been...

Crap. (Actually I used another word here but I shall refrain.)

So as is my wont I Googled it and found that it was most likely a defrost issue in that the condenser coils were clogged with ice.

Found this video:

That actually happens to show the exact model fridge we have.

Watched all of it and immediately set the defrost timer into defrost mode. Waited. Nada. Still frozen. So here at 3 am I am taking apart the freezer section of my fridge to find that it is a veritable cornucopia of frozen coils.

Grab the heat gun - cord's too short - down my wifi for a power strip. Thaw the coils completely. That officially buys us a week to get parts in. While I'm putting it back together it goes back into regular mode. That means the defrost timer is probably good.

So I stuff everything back in the freezer, noting that I need to put a water filter on it as the icemaker is covered with minerals, and get on E-Bay and promptly order a defrost timer and the freezer thermostat. Those are the two most likely candidates but I also put the heating element on my E-Bay watch list so I can order that when I get paid.

So I'll replace those parts, straighten the fins that are bent, and we should have a working fridge again. (How do fins even get bent behind a complete cover anyways??)

Were we in better standing I would prefer to buy a new fridge. A side-by-side with a dispenser on the front for water and ice. Black or stainless as my wife wants a cranberry colored kitchen. But...we're we get to repair the ancient fridge with no Energy Star rating on it. Glad I'm already used to my electric bill being high with all the computers. ;-)

And's 4 am and I have to get up for work in a half hour to an hour.

Crap. (Again...another word here.)
...pecked to death by zombie flamingos.

Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. :-(
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( Mar. 13th, 2014 12:54 pm)
So...been a bit busy since December 21st. Thing haven't slowed down really. Family stuff both close and extended, work stuff - company rebranded - no not bought out just name change, money troubles, adopted a Lhasa Ahpso named Bartek, weird weather, etc.

So today and tomorrow I'm off work and after helping get the kid off to school and taking the dogs out I puttered on the computer a bit until 9 am Central. Then I crashed until my wife called me about 30 minutes ago. The body must have been worn out a bit because I hit the bed and didn't move or shift that whole time. Of course that leaves me sore a little.

So now I've eaten something and am vertical again sort of. Going to try and get moving on stuff here a little but seriously sluggish. I think it's just the wind-down from being on top of everything for 3+ months. Think I'm gonna start playing the lotto. It's about time I won. ;-P

Read On MacDuff! )


Ponyville must be late with Winter Wrap-up again. ;-P
People I've met over the years have mentioned having the same problem I do where I can't shut down my mind enough to fall asleep. It's like constantly having wheels turning at high speed and once you quiet one of them you realize how many others there are and spend time rushing from one thing to another trying to calm things down enough to get some sleep.

At least one writer I know has this problem to such a degree that she once said she banged her cranium on the headboard of her bed in an effort to knock herself unconscious. I'm not there yet thankfully but nights like this make me come close.

The problem as usual is that I'm awake. Sounds simple right? Why don't I try being _not_ awake? Frankly it doesn't work that way. Once I'm awake I have so many things and ideas that I can't focus. If I can't focus I can't quiet my mind. If I can't quiet my mind there's no way in hell I'm going to get to sleep. Add the restless legs and arms. Always feeling too warm unless a fan is blowing directly on me. Any little house noise puts me on guard and I have to get up and check it out.

It all adds up to sleepless nights.

Often I get chided for taking naps but honestly I need them. I've always needed them. If my body and mind decide to put me out for a couple hours so much the better. And often those naps help far more than sleeping in on Sunday. (Which BTW is the only day I really am able to sleep in these days.)

So what do I do on these nights? Well sometimes I converse with other sleepless friends across the world. Sometimes I write. (Chapter 6 of Becoming Twilight is up BTW. I finished it tonight.) Other nights I sketch but that doesn't happen too often. Most often what happens is I either try and go to sleep then fail and am up on the web all night until I'm too exhausted to stay awake. Or I sleep an hour or two, get up, go back to bed and sleep another hour or two, lather, rinse, repeat.

Tonight it was writing plus reading a manga online - Arakawa Under the Bridge. Between that I seem to have started to exhaust my brain with just enough time to get enough sleep to function.

Provided the phone doesn't ring with a 911 tech support call that is.

I swear if I could get away with taking a sedative every night to knock me out I would. So far only heavy sedatives seem to work properly. Everything else works in reverse and spins the wheels even faster. Meditation helps sometimes. Exercise other times. Nothing seems to be consistent. I even stop being affected by the sedatives in a relatively short period of time.


Looks like the lunar princess wants a visit with me finally. Good night!
So I found out a person I follow occasionally ( ) has similar sleeping issues to what many of us deal with. I have friends who deal with the sleep apnea thing and I deal with what I call the ADD-Hey-Macarena sleep thing. ( ) I'm currently trying to cut down on sugar in my diet (partially successfully) and I'm trying chamomile tea (unsweetened) before bed. Not sure what will work for me but I do know that the usual sleep aides often have the opposite effect. Still going to try the one set of sleep supplements as well for a week. "Super Snooze" I think is the name of them. They contain the usual natural suspects but in concert with each other so maybe they'll work a little different.

My wife says my breathing is steady at night so I'm unlikely to have sleep apnea and we can't afford a sleep study right now anyway.

Once I can afford it (they aren't all that cheap) I'm getting a Bluetooth heart monitor and a copy of Buddha Mind for the iPhone and going to try what is effectively biofeedback meditation. I can get one as low as $65 but I want a better one so likely $90. But that's down the road a ways yet money-wise.

This sleep stuff really bogs me down. It affects everything I do. Everything from creativity to just speaking in general. Meditation and Magic are particularly affected. What's worse it makes the music in my head much louder. And while I'm a fan of loud music at times I prefer it to come from my headphones.

Speaking of which I've pretty much finalised my playlist for the Urban Warrior Dash. There doesn't appear to be a water hazard with this one but I'm still planning on a waterproof enclosure of some kind for my Sansa Clip. And if it gets killed I won't be too upset because it's easily replaced. I will mourn it's demise though as a faithful music player because it's about as simple as you can get, inexpensive, and works gangbusters with all my operating systems. ( iTunes being the lame only exception.)

Off to sleep. I hope Luna the Dreamwarden is on duty tonight...
*extra points to anyone who gets the reference in the title*


So I've been to the dentist finally in the last couple of days. The above pictures are the x-rays. We'll talk about the one in the upper left in a moment. Let's focus on the rest of them.

Those remaining three represent the tooth I just had a root canal on. (Upper right is the After picture.) It went well but the painkillers aren't doing squat tonight. (I also got to text from the chair while the doc was working on me. Novel experience. :-) He was okay with it too so that's good.)

In a few weeks they'll do a build-up which won't hurt. Then a few weeks after that they'll do a crown. All good. We'll figure out the finances later. At least in 48 hours I'm not supposed to be in pain any more.

Now...on to that remaining pic...

That pic is very interesting. The smaller tooth is my impacted wisdom tooth that I have no pain with but it's resting against the next tooth. The next tooth as you can see by the internal pins has had a root canal already. And it's broken. And it has to come out. This will be an oral surgeon's visit. Expensive. So we're waiting on fixing that.

The next tooth in line is live and has had a crown put on it. Except that now there's decay under that crown. *sigh*

Thankfully we now have dental insurance which will take some of the sting out of all this. I'm thinking that the oral surgeon can take all three teeth out then the doc can put a pin in the jaw and place a three-tooth-bridge in that spot to restore function. Again. Not cheap. But hopefully I'll be able to afford it.

I'm gonna go try and rest now and see if the painkillers ever kick in...
01:46 AM 11/21/2011

Once again awake early under the to speak anyway...and thinking about things as usual.

Managed to get a couple of large items moved around in the workshop yesterday so making progress there. Today I'm hoping to make even more progress but that depends on a lot of factors - cleaning the house among them. Moving the one desk scratched up the rubber tiles on the new floor out there. *grumble* Thankfully I can just tear up the tiles in question and replace them but probably not going to do that just yet. It's only two tiles but it's still annoying.

Dorothy ran a little rough yesterday when I started her up. Going to go out and get the spark plugs later todaya as those are cheap and a good first start. She probably, as do the rest of the vehicles, needs her fuel filter changed. Amy's minivan needs her oil sender replaced again. I think those things are the first to go if the engine gets overfilled accidentally. The last time we replaced it we used an aftermarket sender - this time I'm going to buy a Chrysler OEM one. It'll still have to come from E-Bay but it'll be OEM new-old-stock or NOS as they say.

(Y'know when I mentioned previously that the vehicles suddenly let me know what they names are after I own them for a while...the truck is named Sam. Not sure why it took so long but the name just appeared recently. So yeah Sam needs a lot of work but I'm planning for that monetarily as I can. Muffler, timing chain, water pump, and eventually transfer case. All things I have in stock. Also needs Stabil for the gas tank by now. Been keeping him on the maintenance charger though so the battery is good.)
Speaking of which... )
07:42 AM 11/04/2011

So I did the spark plugs and ignition wires on my wife's van last night and it seems to be running 100% better now. Still should probably replace the timing belt here soon as I don't know if it was ever replaced and the vehicle has 115k on it now. Have to wait for the money for that one. But for now it appears to be fixed.

Still shuffling things around in the workshop and want to get that done this weekend if I can so I don't have to do vehicle maintenance outside like I had to last night. It's getting too cold to do that.

Had my second interview for a particular help desk job yesterday - a face-to-face at the actual location. I think it went really well but it's supposedly between me and one other person so I'm in waiting mode once again. The place looks like a good place to work and the atmosphere seems positive and it's for a small group so it's not the insane call center environment.
In other news... )
02:02 AM 11/03/2011

So once again I'm having trouble sleeping. This time it's because I actually fell asleep during part of the afternoon/evening. Silly me thinking I can sleep...and then sleep AGAIN.

Shuffled more stuff in the workshop yesterday. Making progress out there. Hopefully will have at least the basices sorted here soon. Decided to use the two desks we have in the house instead of taking down the one plywood workbench and moving it. We'll see how that's going to work.

I have a damn good reason for sorting things out quickly (and not just because company's arriving today) because yesterday my wife's minivan suddenly has started to stutter and misfire at idle and under load. It's fully electronic ignition so it has no distributor to speak of. If it's not something simple like the plugs or the wires then it's the timing belt. Thankfully those aren't too expensive and fairly easy to change. Still not a project I wanted to tackle right away - especially since I don't have a job yet.
Money, money, money money money... We can't keep 'doin this Bob! )
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( Oct. 26th, 2011 03:43 am)
03:43 AM 10/26/2011

So...I'm awake...again...

Part of the reason is that I'm not using up all my energy every day and thus am sleeping less. This should even out once I get a job again.


By 2 pm today the floor in the workshop will be fully cured and I'll be able to start moving stuff onto it. Likely the couch first because that's a big piece that takes up space that I can use to shuffle things around. Hopefully it won't rain today so I can move some things out of the workshop then move them back in. There's a lot of stuff to move and I need to get it right today because I won't have the time tomorrow and I want to start moving stuff out into the workshop from the house to help de-clutter the house. The third bedroom in particular.
Cut to spare the f-list length... )
22:06 PM 10/21/2011

So I managed to get some things done on the technology front around here today. I swapped my old 250GB hard drive in my Macbook into an external USB box, confirmed I could boot the Macbook that way, then installed a 40GB solid state OCZ brand drive internally. (A gift from someone I worked with at my previous temp job.) This allowed me to install Linux Mint 11 and copy most of my data from my old ThinkPad R51 over for use on the Macbook.
Here be dragons...and not the fluffy kind... )
23:51 PM 07/23/2011

Today I spent a fair amount of time customizing the accidentally wiped machine I mentioned yesterday to get all my stuff back. This of course led me to discover several nice surprises.
Several nice surprises and more rambling... )
10:44 AM 06/02/2011

So I'm back from the holuday and things seem to be moving along. Not nicely, not fast, but they are moving.

Mashlock I left a message on your phone. Today would be okay to meet but tomorrow would have to be either early or late as my daughter has a party at school that I have to attend from 12 to 1.

Finally managed to get my classic iPod to play videos sequentially but only if shuffle is turned completely off. Who the heck thought that was a good idea? WTF Steve?

Felt like I had a tommyknocker visit last night. A couple of knocks that sounded very deliberate like knocking on the front door. I didn't open it because I could see nobody was there. I won't go into details but I asked whatever it was to leave and it did. Not sure what that was all about but I'm sure I'll find out later. (Hoping it wasn't "opportunity"...)

The contract jobs should keep coming and I talked to the recruiter today and she's confirmed I'm pre-approved for more of the short jobs at the mone client as well as any other jobs that may come up in the meantime. I'm trusting them to find me work and that feels a bit weird but I'll get over it.

Still despite all this I should be able to persue artistic endeavors and maybe sell some stuff there. I've seen worse things out there than what I have made sell for money so there's an opportunity I'm definitely going to look into not just for the money though.

And...I really need to get back to writing. I'm way behind in where I want to be with that.

I don't like stating it this way but once my unemployment runs out my time will be my own again. Once that happens regardless of what's going on I'm going to try and pick up where I left off with studying for my CCNA among other things. I'm not saying I'm going to eschew money making but the CCNA is something I dropped due to the IDES job search requirements so I fully hope to be able to restart that. Depends entirely on Microtrain and the county though/.

Well I'm off to do the grocery shopping!
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( Apr. 21st, 2011 09:42 am)
08:43 AM 04/21/2011

So with the resurgence of taking my vitamins I've been sleeping less. This is both a good and bad thing. I'm able to get more done but on the other hand I've had trouble staying asleep. I'm thinking I should maybe just roll with it and see what the results are. I certainly can get a lot more done.
Pinkamina Diane Pie! Rock farmer extraordinaire! )
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( Feb. 23rd, 2011 10:26 am)
So I didn't sleep well again last night. It was a combination of things that I won't go into here. If there weren't so many downsides to taking sedatives I'd certainly consider it sometimes.

Part of it is I've been off my diet recently. Not horribly but a lot of rich food that has caused me to pick up an extra 10 pounds so I'm now 5' 7", 235lbs in my shorts. I'll rectify this shortly.
Dinking Drives... )
So my wife got diagnosed with Strep Throat yesterday. She's home today until the antibiotics make her non-contagious. I've managed to keep the daughter away from her and she isn't showing any signs so I think we're good there.

Picked up some more L-Tryptophan this weekend so I should be able to get my seratonin stuff sorted out again. the Valerian Root had some nasty side effects so I'm glad to be back to something that works.
Learning from a stone among other things... )
So I'm awake...yeah...*zzzzzzz*

*gets poked by a stick*

Huh? Wha? Oh...right...posting...

All-in-all it has turned out to be an okay holiday season. We survived it anyway. ;-)

We have a ton of cleaning to do. (Why is it there's always a ton more cleaning during the holidays than most other times?) Mostly dishes at the moment but we definitely have to vacuum and dust. I also have to clean out the hearth because it's chok full of ashes that can be used on the sidewalk ice outside.

Wondering why the blossoms on my bean plant look a little withered today. I wonder if mom accidentally watered them when she watered the tomato plants. That would explain it because you can't over-water in these pots or they quickly become waterlogged.
More misc behind the cut )
So I watched all of the anime Gurren Lagann last night. Interesting universe it's written in where ultimately the spiritual strength of the person in question can overcome any physical limitation in both themselves and the physical world around them. The ultimate "heart over matter" universe.

It was an interesting story as well. The first half is kind of the kiddie adventure thing where a group travels together to defeat a great evil. Somewhere a little over halfway it transforms into a serious story with a number of different threads. (It also jumps 7 years ahead to do so.) Well written and for the most part well animated. Though if you watch it on Netflix episode 8 has episode 9 in it's place. (Or is it 9 and 10?) I had to watch that episode elsewhere. And again it's dubbed with a lot of the common voice actors who do this stuff. (The one princess is voiced by the same actress that did Starfire in Teen Titans.)

Not getting a lot done today (some laundry, dishes) but I really do have a lot of cleaning to do. I'm tired but it's my own damn fault - I finished watching Gurren Lagann at almost 2 a.m. this morning.
Problems in the pit, a load of lights, and muttering of matters... )
January 13, 2009 11:11 AM 1/13/09

So I have a tendency to listen to people on a regular basis. In fact monitoring the conversations around me in the office (and other places) is a wonderful way to catch technical support calls/problems and help people with them before they become big issues.

I hear a lot of things doing this. Sometimes things I don’t want to hear but regardless a lot of things.

One thing I’m hearing more and more regularly is that people are waking up consistently at 3 or 4 in the morning. I do this regularly as well.

Now I know that many people wake up in the wee hours of the morning for whatever reason, bathroom, car doors, barking dogs, snacks, etc. but to have that many people waking up at around the same time usually means there’s some cause.

The problem, once again, is that I don’t have enough data to come to a conclusion as to why it’s happening and why at that particular time.

It could be anything.

But then it could be something... )
October 9, 2008 10:46 AM 10/9/08

It’s me.

Was up all night last night futzing with different computers trying to get them all configured properly. Almost finished with my mother’s system. I managed to recover the password for my mother’s Gmail so that was pretty cool. I’ll transfer her data tonight then re-do her router tomorrow so that it all will work properly when she plugs it all back in.

For the record - the recover/show passwords extension for Thunderbird can be used on 1.0 versions of the app as long as you edit the install.rdf file so that the minimum version is 1.0 instead of 1.5. You might want to remove the extension afterwards though just in case there’s a security or stability issue with it.

Thanks to some prodding by the guys on the NetBSD port-cobalt list I finally figured out that the RAM in my Qube 2700 was bad. Swapped that out, got the thing loaded, and started compiling a new kernel on it last night.

Which of course didn’t help me this morning when I replaced the kernel and rebooted the machine only to have it not complete the boot. And since that system doesn’t have a serial console it’s likely I’m reloading it from scratch again. That is unless the NetBSD boot loader can be manipulated through the panel buttons on that box.

No biggie as that box is going to be the main storage for the home network so once support for USB is done and Samba is installed all it needs is drives.

I like the Cobalt products. Low power, small form factor, and now inexpensive for the older units. I think I’m down to one left that isn’t up and running doing something and I’ve got a use for that one as well.

I still have some boxes that are pretty hefty horsepower wise like my older Netra/150 (the old green/gray box) and my E450 but frankly I can’t afford the power to run them right at the moment.

This all reminds me that I have to get the Vaxstation 4000-60 back on the network. I really do want to learn VMS but it’s a time consuming process and I couldn’t get the freeware to transfer to the machine properly the last time so I was stuck with some buggy networking stuff.

In other news the AIG executives are insane. “Hey! Let’s get the bailout money and throw a $500k bash at a resort to celebrate! What? We need more money? Well okay then we’ll just ask the government for more!“ Assholes...

*falls asleep at the keyboard*
*is poked with a fork by the waitress*

*ZZzznerk!* *Snort!* Antiestablishmentarianism!

Wha? Huh? Oh...right...the journal...

Haven’t decorated for Samhain/Halloween yet. I’m not sure if I want to try this year. Maybe some spider webs or something but nothing big. Next year year... ;-)

*Dreams of computer controlled electric copters disguised as fairies and a giant talking tiki*

Since it’s not raining today I should really get a tarp over the wood pile so it stays dry. It will still be a little damp by the time I get home but it should dry out without too much trouble. I can’t wait for a sunny day because we’re heading into winter and those will be less and less. Regardless I’m going to see if I can put some of it into the shed. The shelves in there are currently unused and it’s the perfect place to store that wood.

I really really need to get my act together. Organizing things helps but until I get everything on an even keel I’m definitely going to be more tired in the future not less. Not a good thing but not avoidable in this case because there’s so much to do...


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