So the CCNA chapter for today is IP Routing. I'm going to eat into that today as can and hopefully I'll get all the review questions right.

Studying would be so much easier if I didn't have to worry about my income, the house, and a ton of other things. *grump*

Still it could be worse - I could be in northern Japan right now. (My friend in Tokyo is okay thankfully.)
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21:31 PM 02/19/2011

So once again I forgot that I can't touch my eyes after visiting my friend's house because he has cats. Hours later after flushing them and taking a nap the right eye is finally useable again. Y'know maybe goggles will take off as a trend. I'd love a pair like Atrus from Riven has. Maybe it's time to send in my cheap chippers for custom lenses. (My daughter's new glasses come first though.)
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( Feb. 18th, 2011 01:28 pm)
So I brought the CCNA book into the house today and managed to study a random section - the wireless section. I got all but two of the review questions right. I'll need to memorize the mazimum effective distances and maximum distances but otherwise I know 90% of that section really well.

I'm going to pick a random section each day and study it then take an exam test each night to see where I stand. I need help in all areas.

I've been keeping up with my tasks I've set for myself using "Remember the Milk". If you've never looked at it I highly suggest it. It's an online service that syncs with iPhone/Linux/Windows and supposedly with Mac but I haven't managed that yet. Anyway the free service syncs everything once per day but for $25/year you have a lot more flexibility including multiple syncing at any time. We can't afford that yet so I'm maintaining the list promarily on the iPhone and letting it sync to the others. So far it's working well for me.
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So I just spent quite a while out in the garage photographing things to list on E-Bay. Turns out I have a lot more than I thought that can go up there and with the special E-Bay is running on listing fees a ton of it is going up there tomorrow.

I can dearly use the spare income to pick up a number of things for the house as well as projects that I need to finish such as router stuff for CCNA lab work.
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( Jan. 31st, 2011 02:47 pm)
So I managed to get through the first 7 of 31 videos in the first part of the CCNA CBT stuff. At 35 - 45 minutes a piece there's only so many I can get through in one sitting. I figure if I can manage ten a day that's good progress. (Likely I can do better than that though.) I sent a message to the course coordinator to see if they'll let me audit the CCNA class again or not. Likely not but I now have transport so it would really only be a scheduling issue if it happens.

We're fairly prepared here for the supposed blizzard that's going to hit us in the next couple of days or so. I still need to bring in more wood but we have food and drink in case something happens. And we have enough wood inside and out to survive if the power goes out for any time. Though I'd be concerned about the pipes freezing so we'd have to crack those open and let them run if need be.
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( Jan. 25th, 2011 01:14 pm)
So I finally got back out to the workshop to study and I find I need to do a bunch of updates on the computers again because I keep them off when I'm not out there.

They're updating now. I'm trying to get down to two regular-use systems out here so I don't have to wait so long to update or even get up and running. That's tough because the one system is low on RAM so it's a bit slower at times. RAM doesn't cost that much but every penny counts. (And yes I know I could have bought RAM for the price of the Neon's cluster lighting but the lighting was a bit dim and I really really don't want an orange dash unless it's in Klingon. Hmm...nah!) Anyways I'll try and pick up RAM here next month and just live with the slowness until I do.
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