So as of today I'm enrolled in unemployment again. *sigh*

Between watching strange ads with George Takai in them at the Social Security office and filling out forms at the unemployment office it's been an interesting day.

I'm hoping, as many hope, that this is just temporary. I'd love for either the recruiters or a previous client to find me more work.

Regardless I'm on the hunt for a new job. My wife says that if I get a job out of state I can take it. I was approached by a recruiter yesterday about jobs in Wisconsin which is just over the border north of us. Told him that I'm interested but they'd have to make it worth my while due to the drive.

Stuff to think about...
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( Jun. 29th, 2011 08:37 am)
08:32 AM 06/29/2011

It's weird not being on unemployment any more. I know I was just complaining about being dropped the other day but I suddenly find myself with more options than I thought I had.

I'm going to get a haircut today because I have an interview at 1 this afternoon.

On top of that I was told by the one person in charge of the temp jobs I've been doing that he will have no problem keeping me busy for the next two week until this job I'm interviewing for starts on the 17th or so.

This is all good and such but it leaves me to wonder if this would have happened before this time. Probably not.

Anyway off to get the hairs cut.
11:51 AM 06/07/2011

So it's still quite melty here. I've got no less than 9 fans running in the house - 3 window, 1 floor, and 5 ceiling. Our electric bill should be interesting next month. Still cheaper than running window A/C units though.

The recruiters have added another week long job onto the end of this coming week long job so that's good. And they tell me they have a local month long job they're trying to get going here soon. All good.
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22:24 PM 05/19/2011

So tomorrow I start a 4 day short-term contract through a recruiting service. It won't replace my unemployment but it's something anyway. It gets me back in the workforce.

I'm kind of concerned that in the current environment the unemployment people will say "Hey! You worked! No more money for you!" even though this is going to be way less than 40 hours and for a lot less money than I've worked for in the past.

Anyway I get to do some I/T work tomorrow and later this weekend. Whee! Hopefully this will lead to more work if it goes well.

I'm hoping I can keep my artistic side once I get back to work. I lost it once I don't want to lose it again.


I'm off to bed all. 'Night!
April 11, 2011 10:01 AM 4/11/11

So I heard from my friend in Tokyo and despite the radioactive tentacle monsters and zombies he’s holding on and keeping his sense of humor. To wit - “Signing in from bouncing Tokyo, where we havent felt a tremor in a half hour!”. Good to know because I was worried about him.

He did point out to me that I need to post at least something every so often simply because it keeps my stream of consciousness from fragmenting. And as usual the bastard is right on target. ;-) So I’ll try and post things in-between looking for jobs and house stuff but everything else unfortunately has to remain on hold.

As expected with gooberment functions unemployment got it wrong. (Or I did when certifying over the phone.) So they overpaid me by one week even though I had waived that week. This put me in the unpleasant position of calling them to arrange to give them back money. (I’ve had friends get really hosed in the past by not correcting this situation so I made damn sure I corrected it.) They’re sending me a form and I’ll send them a check when I get it.

In better news there’s still hope of me getting the Linux Admin job. I really really want that job because it sounds perfect for me. Supposedly it’s completely casual and it’s not far from where I drove to for a decade. I just hope I can get an early morning shift but I’m not going to argue if they want to put me on a different one. The place sounds cool and like a place I’d love to work at.
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