Went to take Bartek to the vet and got in Dorothy. Started her up and started down the road.

Generator light.


I'm hoping it's just the battery but it also smells like there is belt wear so maybe it's something else.

I'll figure it out this weekend and hopefully be mobile again.
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( Oct. 9th, 2014 08:51 pm)
Sam: 2
Nimitzbrood: 1

Went and patched the fuel lines with fuel injection host and it sealed but then sprung a leak further down.

Such is life. I have added steel fuel line to my E-Bay watch list. Fortunately I now have my own tubing flare kit so I can take advantage of the fact that this stuff comes in rolls and I can just either re-use the existing nuts or buy new replacement ones. That means I pretty much can now replace all the steel lines on the truck for anywhere from $50 (1 roll of 1/4 and 1 roll of 5/16) to $100 (previous rolls x2) total.

Want to get her all done before winter.
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( Sep. 19th, 2014 01:12 pm)
1993 Dodge Dakota (Samantha): 1
Nimitzbrood: 0

Got the long brake line from front to back replaced but not bled.

Start Sam up to power-bleed them or at least pressurize them so I can bleed them at the master cylinder. Look under her for leaks...WTF? It's dripping in the middle. The line I used was a roll of line so no unions there...wait...smells like gas. Fuck.

So turn her off and check and discover that one or two of the three gas lines spray fuel right where they make an "S" curve above the frame. *sigh*

Well back to the drawing board. The nice thing is that Sam is from 1993 and her fuel pump is not super high pressure. That means I can replace those lines with heavy duty fuel hose which is well within tolerances. Also two of the three lines are low pressure lines anyways. So...hose it is..just not today.

Have to get cleaned up so I can go see my daughter march in the Homecoming parade with the Best Buddies group of kids who partner with special needs students.

Speaking of which I have AWESOME news! This year the one special education group has had to hand off most of their students to actual special ed classes within school districts. The teacher for my daughter did an assessment and promptly moved her up to the advanced class! This would have never happened in the other program and I'm genuinely happy about it.

On top of all of this my wife is insufferably proud of her size 12 pants. An truth be told I'm proud of her as well. She's shown that she's serious about losing weight and is sticking to it.
So many things afoot at our household. That and work is why I haven't been posting.

Work itself seems to be going well but busy. Looking forward to several things including another visit from my friend from Tokyo among other things.

Mundania abounds it seems. Had to move my boat into the driveway today as I got a letter from the city saying it had to be off the grass. Thankfully we have the space to do that. I talked to the inspector and she said that as long as it's on a hard surface that the grass can't grow through it is acceptable. So seeing as I'm going to go with raised beds anyways that means I can put down landscape fabric and patio stones behind the garage and store it back there. Will also likely winterize and store the bike back there as well once I'me finished working with it. Need to call her back and confirm my suspicions that a pole and fabric structure is not considered permanent. If that's the case then I'll put up one of those temporary tent style garages back there and that will keep the weather off the boat and bike and I won't have to get expensive covers for them.

Speaking of money have to spend more of it on the Neon as it is required to have an emissions test in January. Kind of annoyed by that as they sent out a letter a couple of years ago that they will not be testing anything older than 2000 and Dorothy is a 1998.

I should be out repairing the brake line on my truck but I'm sitting here listening to a jiggle canner. Today's canning is three quarts of chili without beans, two quarts of water, and two experimental quarts of unsweetened green tea that I cold brewed. Not sure how that last one is going to come out but if it works then I can make and store up green tea indefinitely and save myself a lot of time. (I drink a LOT of green tea daily.)

Finally got us switched over to Comcast Business Class for our Internet. All the servers and DNS are all moved over and so far things seem to be working without issue. In our area at least Business Class and Residential use two different support groups so the experience is VERY different. And I'm paying what I was paying with the other DSL service and getting 15x more speed. And for those of you techies out there that run your own equipment they will put the router in Bridge Mode if I ask. :-)

Still no word on if the office is moving or not. Hopefully we'll find that out soon. The one lady at the office said that if they sell it likely means working completely at home for up to a year. I can easily work with that. With the upgraded connectivity and a Skype phone number I can forward my work line to it seems to function quite well. Some odd issues related to Skype but nothing I can't take care of.

All that aside I'm going to focus on getting at least the basics resolved in the basement and move my computer space down there. That way I don't have to heat the workshop as much during winter. (We used 1300 therms last February) Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to get the large computer rack down there without altering the door. I may have to just build one in the corner. I've got another rack that might fit but it has no sides and is about twice the weight. Time will tell. Cleaning up any moisture and electrical issues down there come first though.

Things I've been reading....some of it is fanfic from MLP:FIM circles but two books I read and loved were the Order of the Air books by Melissa Scott. Well worth reading. Also just bought and started War Maid's Own by David Weber. We'll see how that one pans out. I'd like to read more Seanan McGuire stuff but I'm so far behind it isn't funny. The last book I read by her was A Local Habitation. I just can't afford to pick them up right now. Hopefully I'll be able to pick a couple of her books up by Yule.

Money seems to be getting a little better but I'm not going to focus on that. I'll just keep holding back on most of the spending and keep moving forward. Patio stones and exhaust parts for Dorothy are high on the list of next things to buy. Just keep plugging away at it...

Anyways I'm going to go back to listening to the canner jiggle and I promise I will try and post more often. :-)
So as of this morning I've decided I will never again buy store bought marshmallows. My wife and I made a double batch of one of the millions of simple recipes found on the Internets. I powdered them this morning and tasted one and OMG! Awesome! Going to attempt to cover the one batch with chocolate. (If I can properly temper a bunch of semisweet chips today that is.)

My neighbor was kind enough to give me a spare regulator for my grill and I replaced the burners on it so now able to grill stuff again after years of nor having one. YAY! Grilled some corn on the cob yesterday that was WONDERFUL! Also some baked potatoes that my wife didn't get any of.

Going to start using that grill like there's no tomorrow as long as I can afford vegetables. I love grilled vegetables.
Speaking of vegetables... )
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( Jul. 7th, 2013 05:53 pm)
Mmmmmmm! Brake fluid! Mmmmmm!

So just finished the test drive in Dorothy and after replacing the brake hose no more sticking caliper! It might be a simple repair but I'll take the wins where I can get them. I didn't realize until I drove it today how much resistance that sticking caliper was causing. The car moves much more freely now obviously.

Now this means I likely have to save up and buy the right-hand caliper and hose and preemptively replace that. (I have the rotor and pads for that side already.)

Still working from home since the office flooded. I estimate another week at least of this if not more. Frankly it's forcing me to get my personal workspace into much better shape.

In an effort to help curb the cooling costs out there I put a long piece of `1/2" conduit and three 8 mil shower curtains along the central beam of the workshop separating the mechanic/craft/etc. space from the cooled computer/man cave space. Not a really good seal but it works well enough that I can feel a temp differential between the two bays.

Currently reading:

A Dance with Dragons
Fallout Equestria (the original)

I'm two-thirds of the way through 'Dance but decided to take a break from it and read something lighter. Well...if you could call MLP fanfic written in a distopian future lighter that is. And frankly Fallout Equestria is very well written.

Got the tire for my motorcycle. Unfortunately I can't get the old tire off the rim and don't want to force it because it's a deep bead aluminum rim from the 80's and could potentially crack. That means I'll have to take it somewhere. Unfortunately that means another week because I can't afford the money yet.

So I've started brewing cheap green tea without sugar and re-using the plastic tea bottles from previously bought tea and it's working out pretty well. I can drink it easily and it's good for me. I've also made green tea popsicles with sugar and those turned out really well. I did do a batch of 4 without sugar but the jury is still out on those.

Daughter didn't sleep much last night. We're keeping her awake as we speak so she sleeps tonight. I really didn't sleep last night either until 8 am today then slept until about 10:30 - 11:00 or so. I was awake all night trying to keep our daughter in her bed and reading so my wife can get some sleep. All to no avail. Daughter is throwing a fit about having to stay awake now. :-(

Regardless I'm off to try and do something to keep cool....
So my friends and I went camping this last weekend and while it was colder than we've ever had on a Memorial Day weekend camping trip it was fun just to hang out and relax.

That said coming back to work on Tuesday was brutal. Tons of stuff to do and compensating for other people still taking time off made it particular challenging but I got through it. And I'll continue to get through it. Just the way I am. Could use slightly more leisure time but so can everybody else.

A friend has so far gifted me three different Steam games that I've only played a little of each. I really would like to spend a whole day playing games but that's unlikely to happen. Anyways all of them play well on my work laptop which has awesome Nvidia graphics in it to the point where the rendering of Bioshock Infinite looks just like the trailers. (The desktop gaming machine does full speed rendering but the graphics card has some angular mesh to it when playing that game. *shrug* Still a beautiful game regardless.) And both systems render XCOM just fine. The problem as usual is time.

Didn't get any writing done while camping like I wanted. I did manage to absorb a few more stories from my Kindle. Even with the case that has the LED light in it running for several hours it hardly touched the battery. And it's not even close to full yet and Amazon has plenty of free book offers from time to time so unless I want to read something in particular I'm not really spending any money there.

Dorothy is not quite fixed. The caliper has been replaced but I'm still experiencing symptoms. (Yes Mashblock the hoses are next. :-) You'll be happy to know a mechanic friend of mine also suggested the same.) I'll see if I can't squeeze one or two of those into this check but right now I'm very focused on getting bills beaten back to some reasonable level. (Medical bills suck.)

Making my own iced tea bottles to take to work. Both sweet and not. I have plenty of plastic bottles free since I am not set up for brewing yet so I'm able to use those. Cold brewing them with a teabag in each overnight seems to work quite well. And is fantastically cheaper. So there's a win there. :-)

Not running in the Urban Warrior Dash. None of us from the office can make it that weekend as there's a work related thing going on for one of our customers. Thankfully because of that we can expense the fee out. Hopefully we can get into the regular one in August but we're also looking at alternate courses. Turns out there's quite a lot of them.

Time to try and get some sleep now...
01:46 AM 11/21/2011

Once again awake early under the stars...so to speak anyway...and thinking about things as usual.

Managed to get a couple of large items moved around in the workshop yesterday so making progress there. Today I'm hoping to make even more progress but that depends on a lot of factors - cleaning the house among them. Moving the one desk scratched up the rubber tiles on the new floor out there. *grumble* Thankfully I can just tear up the tiles in question and replace them but probably not going to do that just yet. It's only two tiles but it's still annoying.

Dorothy ran a little rough yesterday when I started her up. Going to go out and get the spark plugs later todaya as those are cheap and a good first start. She probably, as do the rest of the vehicles, needs her fuel filter changed. Amy's minivan needs her oil sender replaced again. I think those things are the first to go if the engine gets overfilled accidentally. The last time we replaced it we used an aftermarket sender - this time I'm going to buy a Chrysler OEM one. It'll still have to come from E-Bay but it'll be OEM new-old-stock or NOS as they say.

(Y'know when I mentioned previously that the vehicles suddenly let me know what they names are after I own them for a while...the truck is named Sam. Not sure why it took so long but the name just appeared recently. So yeah Sam needs a lot of work but I'm planning for that monetarily as I can. Muffler, timing chain, water pump, and eventually transfer case. All things I have in stock. Also needs Stabil for the gas tank by now. Been keeping him on the maintenance charger though so the battery is good.)
Speaking of which... )
11:02 AM 11/17/2011

So we experienced some interruption to our network services at here at home. Turns out the network switch took the preverbial dump. Teach me to use a desktop model switch for server support.

I think part of it is that the temp in the basement is now lower than normal AND we've been being hit by spammers more than usual cause the thing to overload a bit. I've replaced it with the same brand switch but a bit beefier rack-mount model so hopefully that will last a bit longer until I can find the money for a good Cisco 3548.

On top of all this I feel like crap. My wife and I think we got it from a friend who does childcare but honestly it doesn't really matter where it came from. It's that kind of lingering and cold-like thing that makes you just want to curl up under the blankets. So far we've been fighting it back with medicine and chicken soup. Hopefully we'll be able to kill it before the end of the week.

In addition to this I had to manually repair that toilet fill valve because the pusher pin had poked it's way through the diaphragm and wasn't shutting off. Some superglue this morning and it seems to be fine this afternoon. (Had to use it several times thanks to the above microbial invasion.)

Still no word on if I got the job or not in Chicago. There's an email in my box from another semi-local place so I'll respond to that today now that I have the network up and running again.

No beer fermenting yet either. I've got most of what I need to do a small batch - everything but the ingredients, bottle caps, and a capper.

And this just in - BIND 9 has a 0-day exploit:


So if you're using BIND 9 for your nameservers please download the P1 versions suggested!

Here's the link for 9.8.1-P1:


So nameservers are crashing 'round the intarnets causing all sorts of issues. I'm currently compiling the new version as we speak and should have it installed by this afternoon.
Somthing's making my tail twitchy... )
07:42 AM 11/04/2011

So I did the spark plugs and ignition wires on my wife's van last night and it seems to be running 100% better now. Still should probably replace the timing belt here soon as I don't know if it was ever replaced and the vehicle has 115k on it now. Have to wait for the money for that one. But for now it appears to be fixed.

Still shuffling things around in the workshop and want to get that done this weekend if I can so I don't have to do vehicle maintenance outside like I had to last night. It's getting too cold to do that.

Had my second interview for a particular help desk job yesterday - a face-to-face at the actual location. I think it went really well but it's supposedly between me and one other person so I'm in waiting mode once again. The place looks like a good place to work and the atmosphere seems positive and it's for a small group so it's not the insane call center environment.
In other news... )
02:02 AM 11/03/2011

So once again I'm having trouble sleeping. This time it's because I actually fell asleep during part of the afternoon/evening. Silly me thinking I can sleep...and then sleep AGAIN.

Shuffled more stuff in the workshop yesterday. Making progress out there. Hopefully will have at least the basices sorted here soon. Decided to use the two desks we have in the house instead of taking down the one plywood workbench and moving it. We'll see how that's going to work.

I have a damn good reason for sorting things out quickly (and not just because company's arriving today) because yesterday my wife's minivan suddenly has started to stutter and misfire at idle and under load. It's fully electronic ignition so it has no distributor to speak of. If it's not something simple like the plugs or the wires then it's the timing belt. Thankfully those aren't too expensive and fairly easy to change. Still not a project I wanted to tackle right away - especially since I don't have a job yet.
Money, money, money money money... We can't keep 'doin this Bob! )
22:13 PM 10/13/2011

So tomorrow my mom stops by for the weekend or so. No big deal there. (Reminder that if she reads this she should bring both her wireless router and the wireless camera so we can make sure it works properly.)

Only thing I have planned tomorrow is I have to go down and do even more maintenance on my father's old Isuzu - basically replace the clutch master cylider (two bolts) and bleed the system. No big deal and that should be the final straw for it.

Got some really good news today. I called unemployment and it turns out that I made enough money at my last contract job to file for another 24 week claim. This will help us out until I find another position. (Of course I also have to go to the Social Security office and file for a replacement card because I need it to file the unemployment claim and haven't seen it physically around here in years. The card that is.) Anyways that gets us out of trouble for the moment.

Still working on getting the workshop shuffled around before winter. Checked on flooring adhesives today and it turns out that I can get the tile put down for about $30 total. Much better than I'd previously thought so hopefully there's enough left over from my wife's next check to do that. I hope I hope. Maybe I can get my dad to spring for it...

The grass has started to take over the tilled space in the garden so I have to work fast this weekend. I need to get the boards cut for the beds so I can staple black plastic over the beds to kill anything in them. I should have enough construction grade bags to do the job I just need to get moving on it. That not being done is just sheer laziness on my part.

More good news - my car passed emissions with flying colors. Now I just need to use my welder to tack down the top part of the clamshell on the catalytic converter so it doesn't rattle any more. Thankfully because Dorothy is a 1998 Neon she's new enough they could do OBD-II diagnostics on her rather than the manual diagnostics. Bummer is I don't get the actual emissions numbers like I do with a manual test. Regardless she passed in the state of IL and because she's older than 2000 in our area she probably won't ever be tested again.

And finally I figured out that it won't cost me a fortune to re-pour the concrete in my basement that the previous owner cut out of the wall.

Now if I can just find the money for all this...
15:06 PM 10/09/2011

So this public post is to inform all concerned among family and friends that I'm currently not working again. I will not go into details but likely something will come along soon. With the feedback I got from my previous client my recruiters will have NO problem finding another position for me. I told them for now that I just want to take short jobs again for a while. (I really really liked that last position. :-( It'll take me a while to recover from that.)
We're OKAY. )
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( Mar. 16th, 2011 06:30 pm)
So...after studying for another week...I took another test online today for my CCNA...

...and got a 58%. (Previous scores include 74%, 80%, 84%, 76%, and 74% over the last three months.)


I'm so tired of this. It just never seems to end or even slow down.

After I figured I finished writing out my latest story for Torn World the canon board handed me a ton of edits for it. Some rightfully so but frankly I'm just not in the mood all of a sudden. (I know it isn't but it feels like just another failure. Not their fault though.)
Whiney Wanderings... )
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( Mar. 8th, 2011 11:24 am)
11:28 AM 03/08/2011

I've learned more about icemakers in the last 24 hours than I ever wanted to. However I'm now pretty sure I can fix most of the older icemakers out there. Have to wait and see if ours produces regular ice now. It made a few cubes last night but nothing near a whole night's worth. If we have to replace it the cost is only $40 so it can be budgeted for but I'd really like to fix the one we have if possible.
Frozen Frustations... )
Yes you guessed it I fixed the radiator fan problem on the Neon.

Underneath the power distribution center (fancy name for fuse/relay box) in the engine compartment there was a dark green wire that had worn through and corroded itself in two. Soldered in a new piece of wire and the fans work just fine and I have no engine codes except the one that says I cleared the codes.

Yay! Transportation that doesn't overheat in stop and go traffic! ^_^

Next up is the EL gauge overlay installation. I'm hopefully going to be able to hook that to the 12v illumination wire in the radio circuit as that should have the right current rating and goes on and off with the dash lighting.
Speaking of speakers... )
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( Feb. 6th, 2011 01:43 pm)
So I'm taking another bite out of the snow in my driveway and I realize that I can at least clear the center using the tractor and plow.

I get out there after putting the weights and chains on the wheels (Yay personal weight loss!) and I get most of it pushed back. (Burying the truck which I'm not driving right now.) One last push then all of a sudden I'm leaning to the left.

I look down and the tire is a flattened polygon instead of round. Wheee. So it's currently in the workshop drying off so I can figure out if I need a tire or just a tube. Likely what happened is the chains pushed in too far and I had the tire aired up too much causing a rip somewhere under stress. I'm hoping it's just a tube then it's $20 versus $50 for a tire.

I think I mentioned I'm sick of snow...maybe...once or twice...a bit... ;-)

I applied for a job in Lincolnshire which is a bit of a drive for me. We'll see if they even call me back.

In between chores tomorrow after everybody leaves I'll be back to studying again. Maybe I can make some progress this time without being dumped on by all the snow in the world. (!)

Anyway I guess I know where my birthday money is going...

Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes everybody! It means a lot. :-)
So I did some quick maintenance on the Neon today and it seems to be running fine. Managed to clear all the computer codes off of it except the 35 fan code which is likely wiring. I'll look into that soon. It also needs a shift linkage bushing but those are cheap and readily available off E-Bay. All-in-all everything else looks up to par and it drives just fine. (Thanks mom!)
A modecrum of miscellaneum behind the cut... )
A number of my friends are starting businesses and kudos to them. I think we'll see even more of a resurgence of people in this country and others starting up home based ventures and I welcome those greatly. It's a good thing to have even part of your future dependent on your own hands versus just taking a paycheck from others.

Though honestly our futures are ALWAYS in our own hands when it comes down to it.

I really want to do the same but I'm having trouble getting started. There are so many artistic things I know I can do but between trying to get the CCNA stuff done and shortage of resources (internal ones as well as external) I'm having a hard time focusing.
Don't wear a Bears shirt to a store in Wisconsin... )
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( Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:04 am)
January 23, 2009 11:13 AM 1/23/09

So my wife and I are looking at upgrading our phones and maybe get Crackberrys instead but that’s an awful lot of money to spend right now.

Regardless I may have to get my phone replaced because _suspiciously_ it seems to suddenly reboot when tethered to my Mac. Sprint says it may be a “device issue” and to take it to a service center. *ahem* B-|

So maybe when we visit the phone store tomorrow I’ll have them look at it because I know they have a service center there.

More blah blah blah... )


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