...I'm not important enough to write about but a pony named Chance is...

Anyways I don't really have a good place to put this but I need to put it out there or it'll never settle.

So far I'm up to two chapters of a thinly-veiled autobiographical story called Along Came a Spider.

Don't read too much into it. I need to put it out into the universe or it'll just sit and rot. And I don't believe I've ever told the story completely. (As complete as it is at the moment. You can't easily summarize a life into a couple of chapters. Well, not and get any depth that is.)

Anyways feel free to ignore it.

Along Came a Spider - Chapter 1 )

Along Came a Spider - Chapter 2 )
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( Apr. 10th, 2017 01:30 pm)
Well, I can easily understand the move from the LJ platform due to the change in TOS.

I long ago moved from LJ to Dreamwidth and have cross-posted ever since. So everything is duplicated. There's nothing I can think of in my previous entries that would mean anything so I'm not going to go through the trouble of deleting them all without a good reason.

Life goes on. And I'm of the opinion that the change in the TOS is the least of our worries.

On an unrelated note...for some reason I want large bubble tubes if I ever get around to redecorating my cave. ;-)
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( Nov. 9th, 2016 03:34 am)
Well...that didn’t go as planned to say the least.

Here’s my problem...were this a normal election between two corrupt candidates I wouldn’t be worried but...

I have a special needs child. Her care likely will no longer be supplemented by the government after this turnover. That means what little future my daughter may have will likely dissolve into dust. We will re-enter the age where Special Education classes are holding pens full of tempera paint and macaroni art.

I have gay friends. They will almost certainly be closeted and have their rights taken away. They’ll be openly or silently harassed more than they already are.

I have trans friends. The VP in this case openly supports “conversion therapy” which if you’ve never looked it up amounts to physical and mental torture.

I have black family. Their rights will continue to be attacked and reduced even further than they are. I fully expect more non-white people to die at the hands of police brutality. Maybe some of the good cops will start to rein in the bad but I doubt it.

I am Pagan. I don’t fit the image of White Christian ‘Merica. I will almost certainly have to cover myself in the same blue mud as the rest of my friends and family just to “fit in” lest I be called out as a heathen. “You don’t need that job! Go live in the forest until you can see God for who he is!” So much for Freedom of Religion.

My wife suffers from conditions that require medication. That cost will rise as restrictions on big business get loosened. I wouldn’t be surprised if our favorite pharma-douchebag were cleared of his securities fraud charges.

I have a diet which requires a lot of unprocessed food. Tell me that since a salad costs more than a Quarter Pounder I’ll be able to keep to that diet. Not likely. (I’m trying to avoid most of the comparisons to 1930’s Germany but my salad will likely require a wheelbarrow of dollars at some point.) I wouldn’t be surprised if home gardens were severely curtailed by law. They tried it once before and not too many years ago.

All government fees will likely go through the roof. Period. Gotta squeeze the public for those tax dollars.

I’m sure I could go on. Climate change, our country’s crumbling infrastructure, safety legislation, clean air, clean water, etc. All will be gutted to pay the topmost people their billions to trillions of dollars. (And remember folks according to the CEO of Nestle water isn’t a right. Don’t believe me? Go look that one up.)

I am currently part of the middle class, or what’s left of it, but that will only be this year. My wife and I have credit card debt and a sizable mortgage payment. These things alone, combined with the coming recession/depression and inflation, will push us below the middle class line.

The middle class, the class that invested in this country’s future, is going to disappear within a year.


Oh and all those of you that are clutching your guns? Keep a tight grip on them. Your right to them will disappear the first time one of them fires in the direction of our new president. They will be gone the moment he thinks he’s being threatened by them. And he’ll use that nice militarized police force he now has to do it.

Am I being paranoid? Yes. But given the track record of the people that just got elected and re-elected - I should be.

And so should you.

People say that you shouldn’t complain about a problem without proposing a solution.

Okay...her’s several things we CAN do.

1 - Barter. Barter goods and services between each other. Keep in mind you are supposed to pay taxes on barter but last I checked nobody is going to make you fill out a form about you feeding the guy that mows your lawn. Or the jar of canned green beans you gave to the neighbor who helped you change a flat tire.

2 - Keep anything you don’t want anyone else to know off the Internet. Go dark. The old-school term for this is Sneakernet. If you want someone to know something then get it to them in a way that doesn’t involve electronics.

3 - Don’t give up. Things look bleak. A lot of us will be homeless soon most likely. That’s not a prediction that’s a fact. The moment things like government fees and taxes go up, many people will cross the line from making-do over to poverty. And given the rhetoric of the people at the top very likely no help will come from that quarter. But that doesn’t mean no help will come. It’ll be there. In-between the houses, like the flowers that grow in the cracks in the concrete. It’ll just be harder to find.

4 - Any software developers out there work on strong encryption and give it away for free. Likely we can’t keep all data off the Internet. We’ve become far too used to being connected. There’s nothing wrong with that but those connections are not, and have really NEVER been, secure.

5 - Don’t die just to prove a point. Rub the blue mud with the rest of us. There WILL come a time when you can help make a change in what’s happening. It may take many years - I suspect a decade if the climate doesn’t kill us first - but the chance will arrive. You can’t do anything when you’re dead - but blue mud washes off.

6 - Help each other. It’s massively simple to crush one person. Anyone can do that. But when that person is attached to another person, and another, and another, it becomes much much more difficult to push them down. We will need all the help we can get. That help is only going to come from the rest of us.

7 - Believe. Believe in something better. It need not be a deity. Believe in the good in humanity. (Though right now that’s very difficult.) Believe in a brighter future. (Though it’s hard to see right now.) Believe we can survive this. Story after story of people that survived disasters (personal or otherwise) all have one thing in common - belief. They believed they were going to get through it and did. Something inside them didn’t lose that belief. This isn’t far fetched. People do this every day.

I...am going to try and go back to sleep now. The sad part is that the waking is now the nightmare...
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( Dec. 18th, 2015 08:33 pm)
So...starting to come back up for air beyond posting on say Facecrack and such.

Not a whole lot of progress on much of anything. Stuck doing stuff just to survive and move forward.

Been watching a lot of Netflix when I should really be on the treadmill. But between work and misc stuff at home I'm so damn tired at times.

Here's hoping the time after Solstice/Yule will be better.
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( Dec. 3rd, 2014 07:20 am)
Dollar Store mouse traps + gel superglue + pretzel pieces == dead mice.

Longer post later this week.
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( Nov. 23rd, 2014 07:31 pm)
Mashblock came out today and helped me construct some barrier doors on the basement to keep the wind and snow out of the basement stairwell. (Thanks dude!)

Some simple bolts, some reclaimed wood, and some plywood sheet made what is essentially two swing-up doors that are slanted so rain and snow slide off of them into the yard. Because the wood isn't perfect, the rain runs right down the wall into the drain below - that means I haven't changed my drainage. Woot!

It wasn't that hard a job but it was damp and icky and I was very glad to have a friend come out and help!

I put some of the split foam "pool noodle" style pipe insulation around most of the edges to keep things from bumping and scuffing the side of the house. This also seals the doors against the side of the house - not to mention the gap between the two door panels. The one door has a warp to it so I will, hopefully tomorrow, screw a short 2x4 to the back of it to straighten it out and weigh it down a bit.

The final things to be done are to seal off the one end butting up against the deck so no airflow can go through there, then seal anything else with spray foam. Final item will likely be some kind of heavy "skirt" on the back stair edge. Something that will hopefully discourage animals from hiding down there and close out the last of the wind.

Bonus point: I don't have to take the storm door off after all! It actually swings all the way out without hitting the overhead doors. Sweet! Guess I'll keep that door after all. Probably figure out if I have the proper screen or glass for it finally.
Didn't think about something until it got cold again this year.

See I've been focusing on getting the basement sealed and one of the things I've been dealing with has been airflow under/through the old slat style door, It just seems to pass air under it like nothing despite what I do. (Yes I have tried all manner of draft dodgers and such. A permanent one is installed right now. The concrete is curved among other things.)

Well one of the issues is that the outside stairwell gets a lot of wind. It just occurred to me that I have everything but hinges and maybe some other small things to create an almost classic stairwell "cellar" door.

It'll keep the wind from buffeting the basement door and it'll be cheap too. So will probably pick up some hinges here this week, cut the boards and plywood I have in stock, and seal off that area.

Probably going to paint it black just to gather what little solar absorption I can. The angle in question might make it worthwhile to do something solar-heating-ish with it but that would probably make it to heavy to easily lift. And I need to be able to remove it so i can get the computer rack down here eventually.

Nice that I have almost all the parts though. :-)
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( Nov. 8th, 2014 12:53 pm)
Not sure if I posted this idea or not but right now I don't have the cash spare to build the prototype.

Get one of the mini sized metal trash cans with the lid. (5 gal I think.) Place four large lag bolts into it about 2/3 of the way down. Make sure they are level. Drill several small (1/4") air holes around the bottom edge and in the lid.

Take one of these:


And place it in the can on top of the bolts.

Drill two 2" holes on opposite sides of the can as close to the top of the rim as possible. Buy two of these:


Bolt them on the _inside_ of the can at the place where you drilled the 2" holes.

Connect them with exhaust flex pipe:


Attach an inexpensive 12V muffin fan to the outside of one of the flanges and power that using a 12V battery or brick or whatever.

Now at the bottom of the can, exactly in the center, place a large can of gel alcohol fuel - aka Sterno.

Light said Sterno. Sterno heats the radiant flowerpot heater, which heats the flex pipe, which heats the air that the fan blows. The pipe prevents the forced air from possibly disturbing the alcohol flame among other things.

For extra points wire in a thermostat to the fan circuit.
Checked the bank account today, like I do every morning, and it's got $20 and some change in it.

W. T. F.

Look at the transactions and find that our life insurance has increased from $24 to $67. *facepalm*

I just got my positional increase that put about...$60 extra into our account. I am SO tired of never getting ahead.

On top of all that my wife got a notice yesterday that he check might not appear in our account on Friday as expected due to a "computer glitch". Aka someone failed to do payroll on time or forgot to submit it or something.

Definitely not cross-posting this to my LJ otherwise I'd get a phone call from my mother.
...I talk on the phone ALL DAY _every_ workday.

There are times I don't want to talk on the phone.

This isn't because I'm angry at you.

This isn't because I don't want a connection with you.

This isn't because I don't want to hear what's going on in your life.

It's because I spend day after day with people with problems in my ear. I need to rest my ears.

So please don't call me more than once every week or two.

This includes friends.

This includes relatives.

This includes everybody.

Please read up on introverts.

Frankly I'm not getting any personal recharge time here and at some point I'm going to blow at you all if you don't back off.
Went to take Bartek to the vet and got in Dorothy. Started her up and started down the road.

Generator light.


I'm hoping it's just the battery but it also smells like there is belt wear so maybe it's something else.

I'll figure it out this weekend and hopefully be mobile again.
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( Oct. 28th, 2014 01:16 pm)
...that I hear Jonathan Pryce ripping pages from my journal on a regular basis?
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( Oct. 9th, 2014 08:51 pm)
Sam: 2
Nimitzbrood: 1

Went and patched the fuel lines with fuel injection host and it sealed but then sprung a leak further down.

Such is life. I have added steel fuel line to my E-Bay watch list. Fortunately I now have my own tubing flare kit so I can take advantage of the fact that this stuff comes in rolls and I can just either re-use the existing nuts or buy new replacement ones. That means I pretty much can now replace all the steel lines on the truck for anywhere from $50 (1 roll of 1/4 and 1 roll of 5/16) to $100 (previous rolls x2) total.

Want to get her all done before winter.
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( Sep. 28th, 2014 11:19 pm)
So yesterday I was a bit tired but we got groceries and other things done as well as claimed a free couch for some friends of ours that just got done with their Habitat for Humanity home. The dedication was today. We're bringing the couch over there tomorrow.

Today I had a headache for part of the day after the house dedication ceremony for the aforementioned friends. (I took the time to sneak into the basement and bless the house while no one was looking.) When we got back I took some Ibuprofen and laid down.

After a nap mostly cleared that issue up, I went down in the 'cave and completely rearranged things so that there was more central floor space as well as better organization. I set up a spare bookshelf we had and that seems to have found a good place down there. My biggest problem down there is moisture. I really need to get concrete sealer or paint and seal the walls down there. That darn stuff is about $35 a gallon though minimum so that's not happening any time soon. Best I can do is protect anything that's a wood item down there and keep good airflow going.

I need to find a spot out in the garage or shed for the window A/C units that are down there as well as the two 30 gallon plastic water containers that need to be emptied and cleaned out. (The water has long since become contaminated. I have to empty and bleach the containers if I want to use them again.) The one chair has to go unfortunately. The base is the one from the "chair of death" and is metal but needs repair so I might just discard the chair pieces but keep the base.

Not sure if my existing ugly couch is going to fit down there or not. I think it might just be a bit too long. And until the moisture issue is taken care of I'm pretty sure I don't want it down there anyways.

I think I'll probably pick up a couple of bags of kitty litter. I can easily scatter that around the base of the walls and it'll certainly keep the moisture down until I can find a permanent solution. I really need to seal, frame, and insulate the walls but that is likely not happening this year due to money and time. It looks like I will be able to at least get the second UPS unit down there soon and the final server out of the garage. That means the rack will be empty and could be dismantled enough to get down there. Time will tell on that one though.

AND I still have 230 retaining wall blocks to arrange outside. I've decided that some of them will be laid flat in the back yard on top of landscaping fabric. That will give me a place to park my boat so that it doesn't take up a space in the driveway.

The rest will likely become a small patio area just outside the back door. That will keep the grass out from under the grill and give us an actual place for our patio table and chairs.

Anything left will be used to outline the culverts in the front yard so they stop filling in with grass which means I need to trim them all the time.

These are all of course not the ideal usage for trapezoidal shaped retaining wall blocks but quite frankly they were free and I have decided to use them creatively. ;-)

All that said I've decided to stop answering my phone for a while unless it's an emergency of some type. People won't like that of course but frankly I'm getting a lot of calls from people lately and getting less done because of it. So if you really want to talk to me please leave me a message.

Don't be too put out if it takes me a day to call you back though. There's a lot going on right now. ;-)
So about a week or so ago the dryer quit running. Diagnosing the symptoms and the first potential part to replace was the thermal fuses and the thermostat. $8 on E-Bay for new parts.

BZZZT! Wrong. Still same symptoms. Light is on when the door is open, door switch is confirmed tested good, dryer doesn't even attempt to spin the motor when the timer is set and the button pushed.

Weirdly with all the diagnostics I've done it seems like the thermostat, switches, and timer switch appear to be good now but the dryer never starts. There is a second thermostat but that appears to be the cycling thermostat and not the main one. Unless we just have an odd thermostat that doesn't match what our model is supposed to have. (The one in the kit doesn't have a heating element but the cycling one does.)

There has been help offered in the form of a "buy a dryer via a relative and pay them" but I'm not quite ready to do that yet. Not unless we were going to replace both the washer and dryer.

So next candidate is the timer switch but it occurs to me that I might want to take a voltmeter to the motor with the drum out of the dryer and see if it's getting any voltage when triggered. If it is and it isn't spinning then we need to make a decision.

Regardless we look kind of weird with clothes lines inside the house. ;-)

It's a small steampunk film that will be produced and has met all of it's stretch goals and added more.

I love animation. All sorts. About the only thing that can ruin animation for me is really really bad voice acting.

In the animation industry 2D hand-drawn animation is seen as something of a dying art and in some ways it is. To me though it seems to have a human element that is lacking in 3D animation these days.

So I spent what I could afford to support them. It wasn't much but it will get me an advance copy of the film and perhaps buy some coffee for the animators. ;-)
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( Sep. 19th, 2014 01:12 pm)
1993 Dodge Dakota (Samantha): 1
Nimitzbrood: 0

Got the long brake line from front to back replaced but not bled.

Start Sam up to power-bleed them or at least pressurize them so I can bleed them at the master cylinder. Look under her for leaks...WTF? It's dripping in the middle. The line I used was a roll of line so no unions there...wait...smells like gas. Fuck.

So turn her off and check and discover that one or two of the three gas lines spray fuel right where they make an "S" curve above the frame. *sigh*

Well back to the drawing board. The nice thing is that Sam is from 1993 and her fuel pump is not super high pressure. That means I can replace those lines with heavy duty fuel hose which is well within tolerances. Also two of the three lines are low pressure lines anyways. So...hose it is..just not today.

Have to get cleaned up so I can go see my daughter march in the Homecoming parade with the Best Buddies group of kids who partner with special needs students.

Speaking of which I have AWESOME news! This year the one special education group has had to hand off most of their students to actual special ed classes within school districts. The teacher for my daughter did an assessment and promptly moved her up to the advanced class! This would have never happened in the other program and I'm genuinely happy about it.

On top of all of this my wife is insufferably proud of her size 12 pants. An truth be told I'm proud of her as well. She's shown that she's serious about losing weight and is sticking to it.
I see so many people these days who feel beaten down. They feel like there's no good left in the world. Like they are alone and there's no one else who could be going through what they are going through.

The problem with all that is it's not true...but no one can see that easily.

It's like good people put out a light. It's bright when they are happy It's bright when they are true to themselves and following their own path. It's bright when they help others. The more happy people the brighter it is.

People who are not so good put out a dark fog. It shrouds everything. It isolates us so that we can't easily see the light in others let alone our own light.

When you have a group of people shining brightly it makes the rest of the fog darker until you either shine brightly as well or get closer to others that shine brightly.

There's never going to be any shortage of fog...so why not shine brightly anyways? The brighter you shine the more other bright people notice. Eventually bright shining people gather together.

Don't count out the people who produce fog either. Their light is either just dim or turned off. That can be changed. Not directly by anyone but them, but if you inspire them to turn it on...

Yes it takes effort to shine, Goddess knows I don't do it enough myself, but the results are more valuable than a great many other things in life.
And this one wasn't even for work. :-(

I awoke in the middle of the night. Went to get some water and something to eat. Noticed the cheese was not as cold as it should have been in the fridge...in fact the fridge is not as cold as it should have been...

Crap. (Actually I used another word here but I shall refrain.)

So as is my wont I Googled it and found that it was most likely a defrost issue in that the condenser coils were clogged with ice.

Found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaRyNiPn26o

That actually happens to show the exact model fridge we have.

Watched all of it and immediately set the defrost timer into defrost mode. Waited. Nada. Still frozen. So here at 3 am I am taking apart the freezer section of my fridge to find that it is a veritable cornucopia of frozen coils.

Grab the heat gun - cord's too short - down my wifi for a power strip. Thaw the coils completely. That officially buys us a week to get parts in. While I'm putting it back together it goes back into regular mode. That means the defrost timer is probably good.

So I stuff everything back in the freezer, noting that I need to put a water filter on it as the icemaker is covered with minerals, and get on E-Bay and promptly order a defrost timer and the freezer thermostat. Those are the two most likely candidates but I also put the heating element on my E-Bay watch list so I can order that when I get paid.

So I'll replace those parts, straighten the fins that are bent, and we should have a working fridge again. (How do fins even get bent behind a complete cover anyways??)

Were we in better standing I would prefer to buy a new fridge. A side-by-side with a dispenser on the front for water and ice. Black or stainless as my wife wants a cranberry colored kitchen. But...we're not...so we get to repair the ancient fridge with no Energy Star rating on it. Glad I'm already used to my electric bill being high with all the computers. ;-)

And now...it's 4 am and I have to get up for work in a half hour to an hour.

Crap. (Again...another word here.)
...pecked to death by zombie flamingos.

Thanks brain. Thanks a lot. :-(


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