January 2011
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05:32 pm

Happy Snood Beer!

01:37 pm

The passing of a friend...

01:03 pm

This week in nerddom...

09:59 am

Smoke flavored memories...

12:35 pm

Okay...stupid anime/manga question...

08:49 pm

Featherweight wings...


01:39 am

Itchy is as itchy does...

11:34 pm

I drive a Neon now...Neons are cool.

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11:45 pm

She's not much but she'll make .7 past light speed...

02:26 pm

Warning! Idiot playing with fire!

03:21 pm

The return of...The Plague!

06:32 am

A spewing of sputterings...

09:29 pm

The Plague Spreads...

03:41 pm

And the idiocracy continues...

09:28 pm

Currently in play - The Plague

11:10 am

Bite my flabby frozen ass!

04:23 am

About time they got fully involved...

02:58 pm

Business as unusual...

08:01 pm

Smooth running with frozen feet...

01:14 pm

Study you fool!

01:51 pm

I think I know what I want for my birthday...

09:01 pm

Found poetry...

01:24 pm


04:31 pm

Focuswriter - a word of warning!

08:03 am

Up and at them! No! Up and atom!

02:47 pm

The eyes have it!


03:13 pm

One more thing - The Food Safety Bill



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