10:33 AM 10/14/2012

So last night I was out of beer. The horrors!

I ran to the local mega-mart and was trying to decide on something nice to drink and was about to settle for an import when I spotted three different types of brews from a place called Metropolitan Brewing. ( http://www.metrobrewing.com/main/index.html ) Brewed right here in Illinois. They had three different types:

Krankshaft - http://www.metrobrewing.com/beers/index.html

Dynamo - http://www.metrobrewing.com/beers/dynamo.html

Flywheel - http://www.metrobrewing.com/beers/flywheel.html

I chose the six pack of Dynamo and took it home. And...it was awesome. I like craft beers and this one was definitely excellent! It was smooth with just a hint of bite to it. Nice flavor though my descriptive ability for tastes is lacking so I can't compare it to anything. I finished three of them over microwaved meals while I was working out the the workshop last night. Here are some more reviews of it: http://beeradvocate.com/beer/profile/19127/47292

Speaking of working out in the workshop... )


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