So many things afoot at our household. That and work is why I haven't been posting.

Work itself seems to be going well but busy. Looking forward to several things including another visit from my friend from Tokyo among other things.

Mundania abounds it seems. Had to move my boat into the driveway today as I got a letter from the city saying it had to be off the grass. Thankfully we have the space to do that. I talked to the inspector and she said that as long as it's on a hard surface that the grass can't grow through it is acceptable. So seeing as I'm going to go with raised beds anyways that means I can put down landscape fabric and patio stones behind the garage and store it back there. Will also likely winterize and store the bike back there as well once I'me finished working with it. Need to call her back and confirm my suspicions that a pole and fabric structure is not considered permanent. If that's the case then I'll put up one of those temporary tent style garages back there and that will keep the weather off the boat and bike and I won't have to get expensive covers for them.

Speaking of money have to spend more of it on the Neon as it is required to have an emissions test in January. Kind of annoyed by that as they sent out a letter a couple of years ago that they will not be testing anything older than 2000 and Dorothy is a 1998.

I should be out repairing the brake line on my truck but I'm sitting here listening to a jiggle canner. Today's canning is three quarts of chili without beans, two quarts of water, and two experimental quarts of unsweetened green tea that I cold brewed. Not sure how that last one is going to come out but if it works then I can make and store up green tea indefinitely and save myself a lot of time. (I drink a LOT of green tea daily.)

Finally got us switched over to Comcast Business Class for our Internet. All the servers and DNS are all moved over and so far things seem to be working without issue. In our area at least Business Class and Residential use two different support groups so the experience is VERY different. And I'm paying what I was paying with the other DSL service and getting 15x more speed. And for those of you techies out there that run your own equipment they will put the router in Bridge Mode if I ask. :-)

Still no word on if the office is moving or not. Hopefully we'll find that out soon. The one lady at the office said that if they sell it likely means working completely at home for up to a year. I can easily work with that. With the upgraded connectivity and a Skype phone number I can forward my work line to it seems to function quite well. Some odd issues related to Skype but nothing I can't take care of.

All that aside I'm going to focus on getting at least the basics resolved in the basement and move my computer space down there. That way I don't have to heat the workshop as much during winter. (We used 1300 therms last February) Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to be able to get the large computer rack down there without altering the door. I may have to just build one in the corner. I've got another rack that might fit but it has no sides and is about twice the weight. Time will tell. Cleaning up any moisture and electrical issues down there come first though.

Things I've been reading....some of it is fanfic from MLP:FIM circles but two books I read and loved were the Order of the Air books by Melissa Scott. Well worth reading. Also just bought and started War Maid's Own by David Weber. We'll see how that one pans out. I'd like to read more Seanan McGuire stuff but I'm so far behind it isn't funny. The last book I read by her was A Local Habitation. I just can't afford to pick them up right now. Hopefully I'll be able to pick a couple of her books up by Yule.

Money seems to be getting a little better but I'm not going to focus on that. I'll just keep holding back on most of the spending and keep moving forward. Patio stones and exhaust parts for Dorothy are high on the list of next things to buy. Just keep plugging away at it...

Anyways I'm going to go back to listening to the canner jiggle and I promise I will try and post more often. :-)
April 11, 2011 10:01 AM 4/11/11

So I heard from my friend in Tokyo and despite the radioactive tentacle monsters and zombies he’s holding on and keeping his sense of humor. To wit - “Signing in from bouncing Tokyo, where we havent felt a tremor in a half hour!”. Good to know because I was worried about him.

He did point out to me that I need to post at least something every so often simply because it keeps my stream of consciousness from fragmenting. And as usual the bastard is right on target. ;-) So I’ll try and post things in-between looking for jobs and house stuff but everything else unfortunately has to remain on hold.

As expected with gooberment functions unemployment got it wrong. (Or I did when certifying over the phone.) So they overpaid me by one week even though I had waived that week. This put me in the unpleasant position of calling them to arrange to give them back money. (I’ve had friends get really hosed in the past by not correcting this situation so I made damn sure I corrected it.) They’re sending me a form and I’ll send them a check when I get it.

In better news there’s still hope of me getting the Linux Admin job. I really really want that job because it sounds perfect for me. Supposedly it’s completely casual and it’s not far from where I drove to for a decade. I just hope I can get an early morning shift but I’m not going to argue if they want to put me on a different one. The place sounds cool and like a place I’d love to work at.
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February 3, 2009 11:49 AM 2/3/09

So for those of you interested in buying cheap gigabit ethernet switches - don’t buy the Linksys 2024C. Just don’t do it. They go bad after about six months - or at least three out of four of the ones I bought for work just died in the last few months. Today it happened to be the office switch. Oy.

I am _SO_ having pie today. European Truffle Pie.

Mmmmm...pie.... )
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( Sep. 16th, 2008 11:09 am)
September 16, 2008 11:09 AM 9/16/08

Yesterday’s comments by [personal profile] siliconshaman made me think a little on what’s needed to preserve society during a dark age period and I think I’ve come up with a simple plan that should help preserve some of what we have learned up to now. And maybe give people a little edge on climbing back into the light.

The first problem is preserving the knowledge we have currently. Despite my technical nature to me that means preserving old fashioned books. They require only light to read and learn from and properly cared for they last a long time.

I would separate the books into categories:

Self sufficiency and survival. (Food growing, water usage, conservation, home building, cooking, medical care, etc.)

Repair of technology. (Everything from welding to circuit repair.)

Art. (Painting, sculpture, writing, music, etc.)

Fiction. (No separations.)


This is important: Do NOT limit yourself to books you “agree” should be in there or exclude books you don’t think “deserve” to survive. Even a bad book is good as an example of what not to do.

Next I would take each book and wrap it in butcher’s paper with carefully tied butcher’s twine around it. Store the wrapped books in boxes made of oak or maple (pine has too much tar and oil in it) in a dry place sorted by the above categories.

Store the boxes somewhere so that they are protected and out of sight. Because if it all goes to hell in a handbasket they _will_ be valuable and they _will_ be hunted. Possibly by the governments in their last grasps in the crumbling halls of power.

The next part is re-distributing that knowledge among people so they can work their way up out of the darkness.

Tell no one you have these books. But use their knowledge to help those around you. Use their knowledge to survive. In time you’ll probably notice others that are helping people in the same way you are - they probably have books as well. In time you can learn their knowledge and they can learn yours.

Teach people using the knowledge in those books. Teach them to think and teach them to learn. You might not be a good teacher but at least you can pass on what you already know how to do.

If only a handful of people do this then at least there’s a chance of coming out of this. The more knowledge stored and the more knowledge shared the less knowledge is lost.

If this sound eerily familiar then you must be an Asimov fan. His Foundation series proposed similar things but since we don’t have “psychohistory” to guide us we must just do the basics and hope for the best.

I’ve read a lot of different novels of different futures and the one thing that most of them have in common is the same thing we’re dealing with now. It’s too late to stop the slide into darkness but if we’re really really careful we can shorten the amount of time in the darkness itself before we come out the other side.

I want my family to have the basics of self-sufficiency in two years at most. I may not have that much time and if I can do it faster I will but that is my drop-dead date for having good rain collection, a greenhouse around the garden, and solar power.

As a closing note I would call on all musicians to start composing teaching songs. Other than basic children’s songs I know of very few current teaching songs. We need those by the TON. Anything you know about and can teach using music even if it’s just music related itself is a good thing! (For once I wish I could compose music from scratch - I have no knowledge on how to do so.)

Compose them, record them if you can, give them to people, sing them where you can. They won’t be popular with people in general but those that have a mind and are thirsty to learn will remember them and learn. And they in turn will pass them on and spread the knowledge we have and protect it.

And that’s what this whole proposal is about. Not letting what we’ve learned be lost by our current mistakes.


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