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2013-02-23 11:52 am

Yet another set of bankrupt pants...

Sorry. Been busy with work work work. Not that I mind really. I spend a lot of time working because it's a good job with good people and well within my abilities.

Let's see...what's been happening...

The family is doing fine. My wife is concerned about my daughter having muscle twitches in her sleep but honestly I'm not too concerned. She's also concerned that my daughter seems to be pausing for periods of time - similar to what used to be called petite-mal seizures. Things like pausing mid-action or sitting and staring for a time until interrupted out of it.

Personally I'm not concerned because I know that such things can be caused by getting internally distracted. I have been doing these things for years to no ill effect. I often stop cold when struck by an intrusive thought or something I have never considered. This still happens to this day and I don't consider it a seizure any more than purposely stopping the motion of my arm or leg.

Unfortunately the doctors and my wife disagree and are putting my daughter on seizure medicine (mildy) until they can do a scan. I'm not happy with this but I'm leaving it alone. I just don't have the spoons right now to deal with it or fight it.

In other news I hopefully helped someone from afar. I was on one of the pony IRC channels and a kid there was complaining that his father played guitar too loud for him and that his microphone was also failing so he couldn't talk on Skype. So I boxed up my ancient Valcor mixer, cables, a Sony F320A microphone, some cheap noise cancelling headphones I'd repaired, and one of the two spare sets of Nady open-air headphones I had lying around and shipped it all to him. He got the second box but still waiting on the first box. I'm just glad that I had stuff around someone else could use and that I got the opportunity to help somebody.

It's strange but looking back while people did give me stuff there was always a sense of never having enough. That's not the fault of my parents just of life. People around me have always had more physical things or have done more cool shit than I've ever done. I'm frankly a little jealous. So when the opportunity to help alleviate that in others comes up I jump on it. I suppose that's all too human but it still feels intrusive in this day and age. Especially mailing someone something at random what with all the fears of predators or other nastiness in the world.

It saddens me that we seem to have lost the ability to just help others. I remember story after story growing up of someone seeing or hearing of someone having trouble then just sending what they could to help. They used to make news stories about it. Guess unless those stories are big enough to include a ton of people they don't rate any more because I don't see them any more.

As a side note I can't find my damn condenser mic. (MXL 990) I had it in a box with my M-Audio USB->XLR adapter and the entire box is missing. I know it didn't get thrown out but the only place I can think of it being is up in the attic of the garage. And I can't think of why it would get up there. I've looked everywhere else at this point. I'll find it I know but it's just frustrating. I need to clean out more stuff. I got rid of 5 older systems, a server case, and a box of misc parts through the recycling service at work. That helped a lot.

I'm slowly starting writing again. Little paragraphs here and there. I'm way behind but I think I'm finally moving again. I've got someone helping me edit the current chapters of The Unlicensed. I need to read up on Torn World so I can finish up Oranaan's current predicament - that world has grown so much since I wrote anything for it. And I've oddly started a Twilight Sparkle fanfic. Nothing weird just something my mind has been noodling with all of a sudden. I guess you just can't keep a good imagination down. ^_^

Health-wise I'm doing okay. Waiting on the finances to resolve some issues but I won't go into that. I am eating better for the most part but I still sit way too often. The big problem I'm dealing with is that we have a gym membership but I just can't currently get myself to go in there and walk on the treadmill due to social anxiety issues. I just don't want to be the fat guy on the treadmill in front of everybody. I'm not that overweight I'm just very self-conscious about it. People around me are all "just do it" but it's harder than they understand because they don't have the problem.

Anyway I'm going to go try and get motivating on my father's computer and other things. I'll try and posts here more often. Promise.
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2012-10-14 11:37 am

Support your local businesses!

10:33 AM 10/14/2012

So last night I was out of beer. The horrors!

I ran to the local mega-mart and was trying to decide on something nice to drink and was about to settle for an import when I spotted three different types of brews from a place called Metropolitan Brewing. ( ) Brewed right here in Illinois. They had three different types:

Krankshaft -

Dynamo -

Flywheel -

I chose the six pack of Dynamo and took it home. was awesome. I like craft beers and this one was definitely excellent! It was smooth with just a hint of bite to it. Nice flavor though my descriptive ability for tastes is lacking so I can't compare it to anything. I finished three of them over microwaved meals while I was working out the the workshop last night. Here are some more reviews of it:

Speaking of working out in the workshop... )
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2012-08-30 03:08 pm

The joys of cleaning...

15:10 PM 08/30/2012

So...currently finishing up eating waffles...

I've been cleaning today and actually made good progress. Got the dishes done and some of the clutter out of the kitchen. Cleaned up the back hall closet. Now the shoes are where shoes should be and among other things our reusable grocery bags are in a hanging organizer.

I found the waffle maker while cleaning and just had to have waffles. It's one of those flip-over Waring models. Simple to set up - darkness knob and an on/off switch - and it has a simple "Ready" light on it. I used up both pancake mix pouches cooking waffles. I've learned that the trick is pouring just the right amount of batter into the waffle maker AND having it just the right thickness. So...I was good so I get waffles. :-) (If you don't get that last reference go watch Dorkness Rising.)

But the big deal here is not the waffles but that I was able to take time off from work to clean. I'm on-call starting on the first of September so I have some time that hopefully is just my own to get caught up on everything around here.

Today is dedicated to inside stuff so we'll see how much of that I get done. Tomorrow is dedicated to outside stuff and I absolutely HAVE to get the lawn mowed and trimmed.

If you haven't followed it go to to Tumblr and follow Unfuck Your Habitate (UFYH). It's all about motivation to clean. They even have an iPhone app. There are a lot of ideas behind all this but one of the best is one taken from another place - marathon cleaning sessions don't work. That means you need to follow the old 20/10, 30/15, etc. rules where you clean a certain amount of time then take a break. That's how I'm working it today though I'm not using the app on my phone at the moment.

During one of my breaks I read about Lord Kelvin's Thunderstorm which is an odd little device that takes the charges directly off of two dripping streams of water to make an eventual charge buildup in the two receiving buckets of water. This thing is a science fair special that's been around for years.

But what if...

During my other travels on the web I've seen pictures of large subterranian water facilities that have TONS of water pouring out of them. Some for a fairly long drop. What if we were to set up these assemblies under those. You'd have to make the charging ring extremely large and you'd have to insulate the catch buckets so they remain charged and only drain at a certain rate.

But even with a severe amount of overflow drain loss from the catchment buckets I can't help but wonder how much energy could be harvested. And the water doesn't change really so it could move on to push turbines or something.

These kinds of things are the things that make me think what I would do if I had billions of dollare...

Break's over...back to work!
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2011-12-27 03:29 am
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It's four o'clock in the morning dammit! Listen to me good!

03:32 AM 12/27/2011

So...awake again. This time I went to bed at around 11:00pm and woke up around 3:00am. And my mind is already full of things from work. Wonderful. (Oh and the title is just a title. No wife issues here.)

Not a bad thing really as it's been a long time since I had things from work to focus on. I've got a few tasks I'm behind on but I really need to run them by others to find out what the company procedure is about them. I'll hopefully do that today.
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2011-09-02 09:14 pm

Visiting old friends...

As I've said many times before it's amazing what you find when you clean.

I'm currently typing this on my original PowerBook Pismo that I found in a box while looking for something else.

Now it's slower, has less ram than the other notebooks, and in general is no longer suitable for decent web use (it really won't run Flash among other things) but it has some serious advantages over other notebooks I've used.
The good, the bad, and the fugly... )
Needless to say this Pismo is the laptop that I pretty much started writing on in any electronic format and with any frequency. For writing it may very well do a great job but really I need to come up to speed with something that is at lease Core2Duo in nature so I can work on things other than writing.

Still no word on if this job is going to be permanent or not. I'm hoping that my performance has been good enough that they decide to keep me.

One last note before I hit myself with a hammer to get some sleep... A big thanks to those that have donated to help my daughter get an iPad and software! We're not anywhere near our goal yet but anything helps at this point. to dream of dark alicorns with crescent moons on the flank...
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2011-02-24 02:36 pm

Scattered Scuttling...

Some lessons I never seem to learn.

I cleaned the back entrance bathroom...and didn't open a window. So once again I got a snoot full of chemicals. Wonderful. Aren't you supposed to get smarter as you get older?

Anyway managed to get all the bills paid today and hopefully I'll be able to get some things up on E-Bay this evening. (We could really use the extra cash.)

I wish there was a way to make money writing as an amature. I really really enjoy it but there's no way I can afford to do it in any professional manner at this time. *grump*
Savage Security... )
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2011-01-28 09:01 pm
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Found poetry...

It's amazing what you find cleaning... (My study area became buried to emergencies.)

I don't know when I wrote this but the notebook is incredibly old.

And the sprites dance again upon the snow ere the end of the day dreams near and darkness coats the land like midnight poured from a golden cup. Each drip coating all. Piece by piece until all is blackness and the light put to rest for another day.

I...may be wrong but I think this was written before I started to suppress my artistic side.

If I find more things like this then maybe I didn't completely suppress everything but maybe just put it to sleep. Interesting...