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( Jan. 28th, 2011 09:01 pm)
It's amazing what you find cleaning... (My study area became buried to emergencies.)

I don't know when I wrote this but the notebook is incredibly old.

And the sprites dance again upon the snow ere the end of the day dreams near and darkness coats the land like midnight poured from a golden cup. Each drip coating all. Piece by piece until all is blackness and the light put to rest for another day.

I...may be wrong but I think this was written before I started to suppress my artistic side.

If I find more things like this then maybe I didn't completely suppress everything but maybe just put it to sleep. Interesting...
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( Jun. 26th, 2007 09:27 pm)
The men of midsummer fear not the coming of winter
They fear not the turning of the leaves and the whistling of the wind
They fear not the creaking of their bones nor the grey in their hair

Nor do they fear the children of spring for they are the ones to teach
The men of midsummer fear only the boys of summer who are hot on their tails
They fear the treading of coattails and the trampling of their careful work

They fear being passed by without reverence or mind
They fear being discarded like an old pair of shoes or a tool that has dulled or broken
They fear above all else a future without hope of their usefulness

And yet when it is all said and done they too shall pass into the people of autumn
And the boys of summer will take pause and thought and become more than they are
They will become the new men of midsummer

Taught by the old men of midsummer they will become the teachers of the children of spring
The midsummer will be theirs and it will be glorious just as the previous one was
And in the end if the autumn people do not like the new midsummer it is the fault of their own heart and hand


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