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( Mar. 13th, 2014 12:54 pm)
So...been a bit busy since December 21st. Thing haven't slowed down really. Family stuff both close and extended, work stuff - company rebranded - no not bought out just name change, money troubles, adopted a Lhasa Ahpso named Bartek, weird weather, etc.

So today and tomorrow I'm off work and after helping get the kid off to school and taking the dogs out I puttered on the computer a bit until 9 am Central. Then I crashed until my wife called me about 30 minutes ago. The body must have been worn out a bit because I hit the bed and didn't move or shift that whole time. Of course that leaves me sore a little.

So now I've eaten something and am vertical again sort of. Going to try and get moving on stuff here a little but seriously sluggish. I think it's just the wind-down from being on top of everything for 3+ months. Think I'm gonna start playing the lotto. It's about time I won. ;-P

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Ponyville must be late with Winter Wrap-up again. ;-P
11:37 AM 07/04/2012

I'm not looking forward to the electric bill this month. I have to pay the existing one at the end of this week and it's going to be $135 or so but we're running the 12k btu A/C unit in bypass mode (run constantly) to cool the house down as of this week. That along with using the furnace to circulate the cool air will likely bring us up into the $250 range by the end of this month. Not good. Mitigated things today a bit by hanging a comforter over the library window as that was letting a lot of heat in even with the window blinds on it. Did something similar for the basement door window as well.

We'll see how it goes from this point on but honestly this is likely going to cost us a bundle. And since I need to work out in the workshop I had to put one of the smaller 8k btu units out there even with the lack of roof insulation. It was able to bring it down to 80 during the day so that's doable. If I were to separate and insulate that space better I could likely get it much cooler as it's not a big space but right now I don't have the resources to do that yet.

My wife and I are arguing about how the old A/C unit works so I'm letting her screw with it. If the house heats up then she'll be the one at fault. Worse yet the Hunter website doesn't even show any A/C units. Period. So I can't even download a manual for it.

In other news I became mortally irritated with myself a couple of days ago this jucture I can not do a sit up. I can do push ups. I can do chin ups. I can lift weights.

But I can't do a sit up.

Working on this goal currently...

I've also started eating a grilled chicken salad for breakfast every day. THe ingredients weren't that expensive and I found that pre-cooking the chicken breasts, slicing them up, and freezing them works well because they only take about two minutes to warm up in the microwave. Cutting an onion and a head of lettuce and sprinking broken up corn tortillas on the whole thing takes almost no time as well. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and all done.

The salad fills me up and I usually don't have any cravings again during the day.

Moving on...I haven't started working on the outside of the house yet. Partly due to a number of things still to be unfucked here inside the house and partly due to outside temps. Maybe I'll try and cut some of the larger stuff down at night. It'll look a little weird but I don't care really.

Back to unfucking the house...


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